Monday, April 30, 2007

Missing bits.

For some reason I was a bit off blogging last week. I missed out so many bits of things that happened, so I thought I would catch up a belated roundup.

Poor Hogan went through many baths over recent weeks but is finally back in condition and actually looked like a showdog yesterday when I gave him his final trim. Although I'll admit I'm a bit rusty on the feet trimming but knowing my luck it will be pouring rain on the weekend anyway so it's not going to matter much. They'll be wet anyway and even if it doesn't rain the grass will be wet in the morning. I have to admit that I've been spending all this time on him and saying to myself what the hell are you doing all this for 2 dog shows for? One weekend and it will be all over...... Do I plan to do any more dog shows? Hell who knows what the future will bring eh. Do I miss it? No. Do I miss the people? It's one of those "some of the people some of the time" kind of scenarios. Anyway I'll TRY to get some photos taken next weekend at the shows. Life sucks without a digital camera. I HATE having to wait for the end of the roll of film to get things developed. And while I have managed to get a few decent photos of things from time to time on my phone camera - it's a phone afterall and the quality generally sucks.

We had neighbour Rob over for dinner last week. I've been promising him a dinner for weeks (hmmm probably make that months actually) but when he kindly came and cut down the tree that was about to collapse across our road and brought me not only the wood from that but also another trailer load that he'd cut elsewhere - I figured it was high time to repay the kindness. Poor guy brought a DVD with him and so we all sat down to watch it - Casino Royale.... And at the end of it we just looked at one another and said "Ummmm what was that about again?" LOL Has to be the worst James Bond movie ever made I think - wasn't even in the thread of James Bond movies. Not that I'm a Bond movie fan although when I was a kid I did have a crush on Roger Moore and didn't mind the Live & Let Die movie LOL.

Lakeisha & I went to the movies last week and saw Hot Fuzz. I must admit I wasn't really with it mentally so I didn't enjoy it as much the 2nd time as I had been anticipating but I suspect it had more to do with where my mind was than the movie. But regardless it's nice to spend time with Boofhead and reassuring that at 16, going to the movies with her mum doesn't involve her sitting 6 rows behind me pretending we are strangers!!!!!!

And then there was the window washing experience... LOL Oh never mind.... you'll have to check out Myspace for the obscure comments on that one!

One of the highlights of the week actually came out of one of the bad things in that it was so great to catch up with Diane who I went to school with in High School. It's been years since I've seen her and I don't think she's changed much at all (in a good way.... of course). Still that same sense of humour I remember. I've thought about her at times and wondered where she ended up as she was always one of my favourite people. Anyway we went for coffee at my 2nd loungeroom "Culture" and talked about old times and current lives.

We haven't started the driving lessons yet. I guess I need to do something about that. I can't say I'm looking forward to it because I just don't have the patience or the nerves of steel required but hey I have to keep reminding myself even after all these years - "You're a Single Mother - there is no one else to rely on!"

The week of course hadn't started well anyway as I attended the funeral of the father of one of the "girls" I went to school with all through primary and secondary school and was a part of our "group" of friends. I remember having sleepovers at their house as a child and remember Len as being a very kind and good man. I've regularly chatted with Mum in the street over the years. Really lovely family equates to really sad funeral.

I suppose in that negative vein - there has been a lot of thinking taking place this past week. Probably the reason why the blogging thing hasn't been happening. I think I've had a few moments through that week where the writing has been on the wall for some things that have no future, that I guess deep down I've known in my heart anyway. The unfortunate thing about facing up to stuff like that is that I feel that darkness creep back into my life, and it's just not a place I want to go again.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sleep - Money - And other issues....

Sleep? Who mentioned sleep? Yeah I would like to buy shares in some. It's not like it comes naturally these days. There always seems to be something that is hell bent on disrupting it. It doesn't matter if it's a person, a job or a situation - there always seems to be something that will tap me on the shoulder somewhere around 2:00 a.m. and say hello..... agggghhhhhhhh

Money..... well yes there is another interesting subject. Another $5,000 payment due Monday and well I guess the balance of what is owed is going on my credit card this month since there is no money forthcoming from elsewhere. OK so it's partly my fault for not getting my ass into gear and making a couple of arrangements a few weeks earlier to ensure cheques were cleared etc. I'm so sick and tired of the whole "Rob Peter to pay Paul" scenario - literally.... I'll be SOOOOOO glad when this whole bunch of crap is over. OK so yes resentment yet again sets in..... calm...... calm..... It's just not worth my energy in being angry over. There is so much more to my life than this. At least I can take pride in the fact that ONE person who owes money in this whole mess actually gives a shit enough to do something about it and at least is TRYING to give those who are owed money SOMETHING back.

On a more positive note - there are a number of events that are looming in the not too distant future that are looking like providing positive vibes. I need to spend some time over the next couple of weeks doing a bit of work but I think there will be a lot of exciting news coming up soon.... stay tuned!

Friday, April 27, 2007

One day at a time......

Sometimes you just have to live one day at a time. At least that very thing became quite clear to me today. Make the very most of every day you have on this planet - but at the same time live each day one day at a time. Sometimes it's ALL you can do to just focus on one day. Today was one of those days.

Spending over an hour in an Emergency Room watching someone struggle with their own demons and fears would ordinarily be somewhat overwhelming. When that someone is a special soul, at least to you, I suppose it fine tunes the experience to some very raw emotions and leaves you just a little more than overwhelmed. I feel today as though I was allowed to enter a very special place, dark though it may have been. I think that there is nothing more private than a person's worst fears. But it's an absolute testament to the trust between two people that allows one to share their dark places with the other. All I can hope is that my presence brought about some small amount of reassurance or comfort. Although walking away with no diagnosis can't be a comfort at all and knowing you can't do anything to change that makes you feel quite helpless and a little useless.

You know you will be in my thoughts constantly and my hopes for a healthy outcome are only outweighed by my desire for you to be at peace while you wait.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is It Safe?

Oh and I did promise I would warn you all...... so let it be known that "herself" has now passed her test for a Learners Permit. Kicking herself of course for getting one question wrong and only achieving therefore a 97% score - but hey shit happens. Oh the joy of it. I can't wait to start lessons.............................

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The past couple of days have been painful. They've been painful for me, but they've been far more painful for someone I care for. And you must know that if someone I care for is in pain, then so am I. And of course I am worried. I don't even want to contemplate not having this person in my life. Maybe I am living in the same denial as you are my friend. But I am really not sure how life moves on from here without you, so I can't even think about that without being filled with such sadness that renders me completely incapable of existing. And this isn't about ownership or power or any kind of hold over another human being. This is just understanding and compassion and passion and love. It's about believing in someone and it's about support. It's about mutual respect and a common need. It's about an incredible gift that I feel I have been given and have been able to give in return. And you are so right - there are just a few people who make me laugh these days - I'm extremely lucky that you are one of them.

Thanks to Bob - I was recently re-acquainted with one of my all time favourite songs. And I have to say that this is probably going to rate up there with my most favourite versions - by Aaron Neville. Stand By Me. Tonight - yeah well what can I say - I did tell you today my friend that so often my favourite things - be it a movie, a song, or a moment in time - can depend so much on my mood. I think after the day we've shared today - this is probably the most appropriate song I can find to include in this blog. Turn your damn sound up for once - and listen to it. And take care of you - for you are most precious.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Sometimes I like surprises, sometimes I don't. If they are good ones, then bring it on. There were plenty of those today.

I actually got some sleep - that was a surprise. Despite the fact that I woke up at 2:30 this morning thinking about the damn breakfast show. I'm looking forward to developing some new things and I am actually looking forward to the breakfast show. I'll fill you in on the details as they develop but it looks as though Shane & I will be doing Monday mornings, Bob & I will be doing Thursday & Friday mornings and I just have to find someone/s to do Tuesday & Wednesday with me. I think this will be lots of fun actually. hmmmmm Well that is all except the slight problem of starting work at 6:00 a.m. Reality means that I will have to be in there around 5:30 in order to buy a newspaper and actually pre-record the weather. And unfortunately that means the alarm clock will be going off somewhere around 4:30 a.m........... eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Anyway I managed to go back to bed and get some more sleep at about 4:00 a.m. after I had made a few notes etc. And then surprise number 2 came when I woke up and it was almost 9:00 a.m. - given I was planning on being IN Geelong by 9 - that wasn't such a good thing. But when I finally did get there, I managed to pick up a neat little outdoor setting for the OtwayFM Fundraiser raffle.

And then on the way home from Geelong I received a phone call that lifted my spirits to no end. Good surprise. I had the strangest moment today - at one point I was wandering through JB Hi Fi and all of a sudden I was overcome with some pretty strange emotional wave. I blame hormones of course.

Hopefully we'll make a bit of money out of the raffle - especially thanks to Majella who has given out a whole pile of raffle tickets tonight at her "shed night". I printed up some covers to make little books of tickets. Look out everyone - I'll be pestering you to buy some as well! While I was dropping off the tickets at the shed, it was great to catch up with Don Fisher again. He's a funny guy and great entertainment, and it was neat that he remembered me still. In those days when I used to dine at Cafe Nu Deli every Friday night - Don was a regular entertainer there and that's how we got to know him. I hadn't realised Majella had him out there to play, and I was going to go back there tonight, but after dropping in for a chat with neighbor Rob (and he says I CAN TALK... LOL) and getting home and finally having dinner somewhat late - I'm just too tired to make the effort to go back to the shed. Yeah slack I know.

And then to top it off tonight I had a chat on msn with Kylie who showed me the lovely layout she had created with that paper kit I designed and shared with you last Monday.

Kylie - I absolutely love it. Well done!

I'd like to say I'm having an early night but I'm simply not game for that. I think I'll just find something to keep me occupied for a little while longer.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Scary....

A 16th birthday brings with it all sorts of interesting new things for a mother to contemplate and the end of a weeklong series of interesting new things to deal with culminated this morning with a trip to Vic Roads to book in for "herself" to get her Learners Licence. Now despite what some of you may have said about my comments - I still stick with the concern that I've seen her behind the wheel of the dodgem cars at the show - it's more than enough nightmares for me to deal with thank you very much..... God help the poor individual that gets in the car with her to teach her to drive.

The appointment has been made and I'll keep you posted when it's no longer safe to be on the roads!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Boofhead

Well here is my creation for the challenge to create your own line of paper and embellishments. Mine went to Kylie and I can't wait to see what she creates with it. Actually I was really daunted over this task, but I was very pleased with what I came up with.

Today I went to have my ultrasound, and came away with the result that the lump is a cyst and they don't feel any need to take further action. This conclusion doesn't sit well with some.... so I guess we'll see what happens from here as to whether I get another opinion. I could live without the stress right at the moment. The prospect of going through another long drawn out carry on like last time does not impress me much but for sure knowing everything is ok is much better than worrying about it constantly.

Took Lakeisha to lunch today for her birthday. Shane joined us for a drink and to wish her a happy birthday. It's good to see the two of them get along well. Given we'll be spending some time together getting all the business ventures off the ground, at least I know she is going to be supportive about the time I'm spending away from her and of course she appreciates the music as well so she can see the big picture of what we are attempting to achieve. Anyway another birthday comes and goes and she just gets more gorgeous every single day. How lucky am I?

A bit of an update on the "Murray" factor.... and gee guess what. The company vehicle still hasn't been sold and of course neither has there been any money paid in to the account. Surprise Surprise...............

Hmmm well enough humour for the night. I'm tired from serious lack of sleep on the weekend. So I might take in an early night.

Cheers from me.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Special Weekend

What a special weekend..... Where to start. Thank you to the wonderful Jane at Jaded Designs for the last minute whim we had to have our hair done. As always Jane did a great job and I even ended up with curls for the night. I could get to like it! It did make the evening a bit of a rush in the end, but heck we can handle stress...... And it was great to see you and Dave there even though I know you weren't really up to being out.

I was a bit disappointed that a few of the invitees pulled out at the last minute, or just didn't turn up. But never mind, those of us who did come had a fantastic time. The band was awesome - you guys have such talent and I hope you go on to bigger and better things. The new stuff sounds fantastic. Check out The Wise Gents on myspace. Thanks for being there and giving us such a great night of dancing and fun. Best night out I've had since the last time I listened to them at Barneys. Kilby - You're a nut! LOL Good entertainment value, but a nut! I was beginning to wonder if he had moved in there for a while, but we managed to get rid of him this afternoon.... awwww sorry Kilbz.

Julie - god woman it was such fun to have you there. I am always the better for your company. You make me laugh, make me cry, make me be brutally honest with where I am at, but most of all this whole thing we have going - walking side by side through life. If we were twin sisters we couldn't be more alike in the way our lives evolve. I think in future I should just call you to warn you what's coming in your life next week or you me - that way we might both be more prepared. I can't believe how two people can experience such strikingly similar experiences - continually & concurrently -it's uncanny and is simply confirmation that our original meeting was no fluke. There's a higher purpose to it I'm sure of that.

Thanks to Mum as well for all the hard work with the food. She did a fantastic job making lots of salads, cakes, decorating pavlovas... I do have heaps of nibble food left over. I think our staple diet over the next few weeks will include lots of chips, dips and biscuits LOL Huge thanks also to Barb who worked like a Trojan on the night helping to get everything set up and food on the tables. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks also to Majella for setting everything up in the shed and allowing us to have the party there in the first place. It's an awesome shed!

Lakeisha, I hope you had a great night. It was afterall your night and you looked fantastic.

The night went so well and I think we had the perfect crowd. All the kids were so great. We ate, danced and had a ball. It was great to have a few of the Otway FM people there. Gabrielle & son Bradley (who I had to bribe with a 6 pack of bourbon...) were stayers for the night, Bob & Denise, Allen, Tell, and Rosemary & Peter. Afterward we had two trips to ferry all the after party attendees back home. Now there was an experience. Kilby.... hmmmm the less said about the journey the better I think. Maybe we should have stuck to your original plan and strapped you to the roof! AND I DO HAVE MYSPACE - I just don't like it as much as here at blogger. Julie & I retired upstairs for a wine, chocolate and D&M conversation.... I was so pleased when Paul relented and dropped in to visit and he, Julie & I ended up watching movies, talking and getting absolutely no sleep whatsoever, well Julie slept and snored.... but we're not allowed to talk about that. She had had a tiring day hadn't you Jules what with lunch and all.... LOL. I discovered one thing - I need at least 2-3 hours sleep in a night. Today was not pretty. Tired but still basking in the warm & fuzzy. One by one this morning they departed. Life returns to normal.

And today was also a very special day when once again two special people in my life met. In an effort to get some things happening with Shane's music, I had arranged for he & Julie to meet up and have a chat about the whole live performance/music with lyrics thing. I feel like the two of them connected in a positive way so hopefully it's another step towards our goal and I was relieved when Julie was suggesting things I had already done/thought about. Hopefully we'll get this thing rolling and fulfill some dreams and maybe even one day make some money! Holy cow - Shane and no suit.... Now there's a thing.... LOL sorry darl. But then I guess the shock goes both ways - I'm not always in a short skirt and jacket either...... And on a positive note, I've usually had more than 1/2 hour of sleep to boot! Glad to see you didn't get TOO lost on your way out here. I give great instructions... I just wish people would follow them!

It's been a great weekend. I'll post a few photos as soon as I can.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Party Eve

WOW went to look at "the shed" tonight and Majella & John have it looking FANTASTIC!!! I am really looking forward to tomorrow night so much. There are a few notable exceptions - I am really disappointed that so many of our special friends won't be able to make it. Shane, John & Helen Oborne, Marg & Pete & Sharon & baby Patrick, Ken & Julie Garrett, Keith & Jill Cronchey, Leigh & Anne-Marie Hearn, Rosemary & Doug Muller, Chris & Therese Quinn, Jodie & Tim Fincham...... buggar you guys will all be SOOOOO missed.

Ahhh but the rest of us are going to make up for it. OMG I am soooo excited and there are a few surprises to come. It's going to be a pretty full day and I plan to make the most of every second. Will be sure to post photos just as soon as I have some.

I have been hounded of course and have an ultrasound booked for Monday....... cross your fingers, and anything else that may not be stuck down, for a good result. Damn it - I'm not ready to relinquish my lease on life yet...... I'm doing OK. Really I am. I have you and I have strength and let's not forget I have THOSE EYES........... LOL I'll be fine.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Support Crew

It makes no difference how much my life takes twists and turns. I will never cease to be amazed and buoyed by the incredible support, love and concern shown to me by the special people in my life. I don't think I could be more fortunate than I am to be surrounded by a most incredible network of friends who regardless of their own personal trials and concerns, find the time to also keep my head above the waterline and hold my hand through moments of great pain and worry. Who share their own dark places to not only help me understand them, but also to make me feel better about the obstacles I face in my own existence.

They not only help me through the difficult times, but also help to shape the person I've become up to now, and encourage me to face the future. I really do not know how I could have made it through especially the recent months without you. It has meant so much more than you could ever know. Despite the difficulties of my life, dealing with the unnecessary tensions caused by unthinking people, coping with tedious details (and people), and probably worst of all being confronted with my own fears and emotional concerns......... and yet there you have been right by my side, encouraging me to keep going, giving me strength and love and hope and a reason to go on.

Each of you has contributed something different, and yet all have done so with a similar motivation of caring. You are all so special - and I am truly a remarkably lucky woman to have you in my life. Thank you for the great gift of your love.........

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And now it's Wednesday..

Well after a roller coaster ride for Tuesday, Wednesday seems to be shaping up as more of the same. Heck you expected anything different from this blog?

After many hours of frustration the new computer is installed and ready to go. To say I'm relieved and ecstatic about that has to go down as the understatement of a lifetime. It's going to make such a difference to how this whole damn radio station experience impacts my life that one could actually get pretty excited about that one thing alone. Thank you Shane for your many hours of patience and persistence in seeing this goal of mine finally in action.

But then this morning as I'm opening up the mail - not only are there YET TO BE RELEASED CD'S coming from the Record Companies - yes - "my god" I thought, "we are a REAL RADIO STATION!!!!!!!" But also an approval for an offer of Grant Funding for some more equipment. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

Now if it wasn't for the breast lump I found while showering this morning - today could almost have been headed for being a perfect day.

Mouths Of Babes

I've just been to visit Lakeisha's myspace site and you have to ask yourself sometimes - even at approaching 16 - sometimes good advice is just simply good advice......

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past - stop planning the future - stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel - stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel - Sometimes we just have to go with....... "Whatever happens - happens"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Those Eyes....

I was told today I had "piercing eyes". They obviously speak a language of their own that I've not heard. They're just my eyes. They see and reflect the world I live in, the places I go and the people I meet. They've been fortunate enough to see great kindness, passion, love and beauty. They've unfortunately also witnessed cruelty, injustice and pain. But ultimately they are just my eyes. I'll grant you, they have character - but they're just my eyes.
I've learned a lot of things in my almost 46 years on the planet this time around. Some of the lesson's I've learned have been recent. One of the most important things I've learned recently is that life can deal you the most difficult hand of cards to play with. You can be thinking everything is fine one moment, and almost as a slap on the wrist for taking things for granted, you can be dealt a blow that brings you back to earth and makes you re-think every aspect of your being. Your choice can be limited to living in fear of recurrance, but in reality you can actually take hold of your life with both hands and steering it in the direction towards happiness and fulfillment. Personally I'm so sick and tired of living in that fear. Fear of failure, fear of mortality, fear of being hurt, fear of hurting others. In the process of repressing the fear, I've failed to live. I've failed miserably at happiness and I'm damn sure I've failed at fulfillment.
In an effort to fulfill that "2007 is a new year of new beginnings" thing, I know that I don't want to spend the rest of my life not exploring the experiences that life occasionally presents to me, reminding myself that everything happens for a reason, and understanding that by not "living" I will spend the rest of my dreary life asking myself the question of "What If". It's simply something I don't want to do any more.....
Live. Love. Laugh. Be Happy.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Big Week

OK well you may have noticed the change in the music.... I had to revise this track as it actually runs for almost 9 minutes, so I've sort of chopped it in half - mainly because Yahoo where my website is hosted won't allow me to upload files larger than 5mb and also because the damn thing would just take too long to load for me on dial up!!!!! But it's an awesome track - my god he's talented!!!!!

And since we are in the week leading up to the big birthday celebration I thought I would start getting in the mood as it were. Even figured out tonight what I am going to wear. Lets hope it's not cold on the night LOL. Ahh we will be dancing the night away anyway so I'm sure I'll keep warm.

I am really looking forward to Saturday night. Lots of fun people coming to Lakeisha's party so it should be a really good night. We have the Wise Gents playing - these guys are good. I guess I should get my act together this week and get some more bits and pieces organised.

Good to have you home boofhead!!!!!

Monday :(

Still smoked out here - even smoke in the house this morning, especially downstairs - ugly ugly. But still can't complain as ultimately it makes us just that little bit safer from fire risk so it's a small price to pay.

The Boofhead returns today from her holiday in Apollo Bay. OK so yes I'm looking forward to it. Yes I guess if I have to admit it I've missed her..... LOL Well you know - after some 16 years I've kind of grown accustomed to having her around. I'm going to need to find a REALLY time consuming hobby in a year or so's time when she decides to go to Uni! Either that or become a workaholic. Or spend more time on Second Life. Or get a real life....... I don't know. Something. But it's not going to be pretty.

The new computer arrives at work tomorrow - now there is something I'm looking forward to. Thank you Shane for all your help with it. I'm sure I don't tell you enough how much everything you've done is appreciated.

3 down - 1 to go.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

New day...

And this is what I wake up to.... No it's not fog - just more smoke - no more breeze - and me thinking "isn't this going to be a nice weekend......"

Saturday, April 07, 2007

cough splutter

Someone pass me a gas mask.... Another day of having trouble breathing but this time because I'm surrounded by smoke. DSE are burning off again in the National Park behind me since they weren't happy with the results of last week's burn - no breeze. Well there's a breeze today, but this time it's blowing the smoke right back across me. And it's not pretty here. Actually getting worse by the minute. I just snapped these pictures from my office window with my phone! Yuk.

It was a good day to stay inside and do housework! I have a tidy office to match the rest of the house.... what can I say - it's been a while since I've been motivated to tidy up this desk let alone turf out a whole pile of stuff that sure as heck won't be needed around here any more. That and having a loud stereo booming in the background with some choice music. And it's still not 3:30 p.m.

2 down - 2 to go.

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Home

I was hunting through my old files looking for some photos and came across these from when I first moved into my gorgeous house. No photos of upstairs but there are some old pics of downstairs just so you get an idea of the ground floor living area. A lot has changed over the past 6 years, including some of the furniture and how it's arranged but you get the general idea. The photo above is the big window and sliding door that now has curtains instead of those hideous bamboo blinds for one change.

I so love this house. I can remember when we were house hunting, we had actually bought another property which while it was OK it's just not a patch on this one. Thankfully the sale fell through because we couldn't get one neighbour to be happy about having a kennel of dogs living next door to his never to be occupied vacant block of land (go figure) but then I arranged for an inspection of this house and I have to tell you I got to the front door, took one step inside and just KNEW in my heart this was for me. It felt like home from that very moment.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Sometimes in life there are moments that simply take your breath away.

Tonight I'm having trouble breathing......

I am so blessed to have such special people in my life - some who have been there forever it seems - some who have been there a short while - and some who are new. Tonight I feel like I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to have your love. I love every moment we share and that you care and trust enough to keep me so close to you and share those inner most thoughts. To know that you have been there for me through my best and worst hours. I'm very lucky to have you in my life, and I love you back!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Friends are such an integral part of life. Friendship is something I value more than a lot of other things. I am so appreciative of the friendship and love shown to me but also I am trying to be the best friend I know how to be to those people I love and hold dear to my heart. And so today was a really difficult day in many ways because so many of my friends seem to be suffering lately.

Today particularly it seems that everyone is having difficulty. I don't want to go into personal specifics here, but I just hope that you all know how much you mean to me and how much I care for each and every one of you. My friends have always been so important to me.

Monday, April 02, 2007


OK well I got my lecture today from several sources. It's clear I'm going to have to make some changes to my daily routines. Or at least create some new ones. I'm sorry to the girls at who I've been neglecting lately. You'll be amused to know that my slap upon the wrist came from an unusual source. Well unusual to me at least. It's VERY weird for me to experience support for scrapbooking from the male gender. Something I'm still coming to terms with I think. But fancy a man encouraging you to spend more time talking with your scrapbooking girlfriends on the internet.... No No I wasn't dreaming!!!!! Or had too much alcohol for that matter! It really happened! LOL

So look out girls - those msn chats are going to be a regular thing.... if it kills me!

I've almost finished Steph's challenge on Create your own range of paper & embellishments. I did manage to create the 2 paper designs and I've done 2 embellies. Need another embellishment, but right at the moment I'm having a small problem of no inspiration, no doubt it will come to me eventually. Hopefully before I leave for work in the morning would be good!

I really want to do some scrapping but just have been so tired. Sitting here at the computer last night I flipped through my diary and realised that in the past 20 days I've been working 18 of them. Now I mean really - that's excessive. Especially for a job that doesn't pay money! Unfortunately that's one of my downfalls though. I get so engrossed in what I am doing if I am enjoying it, that I lose myself in it. I suppose it's not REALLY a bad thing. I mean doing a job that you love should be a good thing.... but I'm just not sure the no free time thing is good for you. It's just hard to stop when you are in it. I keep telling myself it's keeping me sane - but gee I'm not sure LOL.

The weekend was fun. Off to Terry & Barb's for dinner on Saturday night. Love those two! (BARB - BE NICE TO HIM!!!!) LOL. And then Sunday was spent in Apollo Bay at a Radio Training Session. Yeah work work work. I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to something resulting in my eyes, nose & lips doing the funky chicken, swelling and feeling weird, but things thankfully are back to normal now. Maybe I'm allergic to Apollo Bay.... Maybe I'm allergic to work! Heck maybe I'm allergic to BOB! LOL. Nah we know it's not Bob. What ever it was it wasn't pretty. Reminded me way too much of the time I went to the USA and discovered I was allergic to Garlic! Michelin Man eat your heart out. Now THAT wasn't pretty.

Bit the bullet (or cracked the shits depending on how you want to view it) today and phoned up and ordered a new computer for work. So over nothing getting done in the production department and the bottom line is - no production - no money so it was a necessity in my book. Hopefully get to pick the new baby up on Thursday so look out after easter. I'll be playing with my new toy.

Lakeisha's friend Kate is coming to visit tomorrow night, plus our neighbour Rob is wandering over for dinner. Thanks to Rob I have a nice little stack of wood out in the drive way. Not enough to last winter or anything but for sure at least it's something to start with.

Thankfully the fuel reduction burn in the National Park north of us took place today. Not that it was what you would call a hugely successful effort in getting rid of all the scrub since there was no breeze to get it going, but at least it has managed to reduce the risk significantly so those of us in the area I'm sure are all grateful something has been done. Now if they would just burn that huge block of bush to the South East of us I'd be much more at ease.

OK well I have msn messages to send and forums to read. Have a good week everyone.