Monday, April 30, 2007

Missing bits.

For some reason I was a bit off blogging last week. I missed out so many bits of things that happened, so I thought I would catch up a belated roundup.

Poor Hogan went through many baths over recent weeks but is finally back in condition and actually looked like a showdog yesterday when I gave him his final trim. Although I'll admit I'm a bit rusty on the feet trimming but knowing my luck it will be pouring rain on the weekend anyway so it's not going to matter much. They'll be wet anyway and even if it doesn't rain the grass will be wet in the morning. I have to admit that I've been spending all this time on him and saying to myself what the hell are you doing all this for 2 dog shows for? One weekend and it will be all over...... Do I plan to do any more dog shows? Hell who knows what the future will bring eh. Do I miss it? No. Do I miss the people? It's one of those "some of the people some of the time" kind of scenarios. Anyway I'll TRY to get some photos taken next weekend at the shows. Life sucks without a digital camera. I HATE having to wait for the end of the roll of film to get things developed. And while I have managed to get a few decent photos of things from time to time on my phone camera - it's a phone afterall and the quality generally sucks.

We had neighbour Rob over for dinner last week. I've been promising him a dinner for weeks (hmmm probably make that months actually) but when he kindly came and cut down the tree that was about to collapse across our road and brought me not only the wood from that but also another trailer load that he'd cut elsewhere - I figured it was high time to repay the kindness. Poor guy brought a DVD with him and so we all sat down to watch it - Casino Royale.... And at the end of it we just looked at one another and said "Ummmm what was that about again?" LOL Has to be the worst James Bond movie ever made I think - wasn't even in the thread of James Bond movies. Not that I'm a Bond movie fan although when I was a kid I did have a crush on Roger Moore and didn't mind the Live & Let Die movie LOL.

Lakeisha & I went to the movies last week and saw Hot Fuzz. I must admit I wasn't really with it mentally so I didn't enjoy it as much the 2nd time as I had been anticipating but I suspect it had more to do with where my mind was than the movie. But regardless it's nice to spend time with Boofhead and reassuring that at 16, going to the movies with her mum doesn't involve her sitting 6 rows behind me pretending we are strangers!!!!!!

And then there was the window washing experience... LOL Oh never mind.... you'll have to check out Myspace for the obscure comments on that one!

One of the highlights of the week actually came out of one of the bad things in that it was so great to catch up with Diane who I went to school with in High School. It's been years since I've seen her and I don't think she's changed much at all (in a good way.... of course). Still that same sense of humour I remember. I've thought about her at times and wondered where she ended up as she was always one of my favourite people. Anyway we went for coffee at my 2nd loungeroom "Culture" and talked about old times and current lives.

We haven't started the driving lessons yet. I guess I need to do something about that. I can't say I'm looking forward to it because I just don't have the patience or the nerves of steel required but hey I have to keep reminding myself even after all these years - "You're a Single Mother - there is no one else to rely on!"

The week of course hadn't started well anyway as I attended the funeral of the father of one of the "girls" I went to school with all through primary and secondary school and was a part of our "group" of friends. I remember having sleepovers at their house as a child and remember Len as being a very kind and good man. I've regularly chatted with Mum in the street over the years. Really lovely family equates to really sad funeral.

I suppose in that negative vein - there has been a lot of thinking taking place this past week. Probably the reason why the blogging thing hasn't been happening. I think I've had a few moments through that week where the writing has been on the wall for some things that have no future, that I guess deep down I've known in my heart anyway. The unfortunate thing about facing up to stuff like that is that I feel that darkness creep back into my life, and it's just not a place I want to go again.


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