Friday, January 14, 2011

More photos to share

The Photo Calendar continues so I thought I would share the past few days efforts....

The doggies had a bath and Hogan was pretty happy with himself - all smiles... until he had to go back in his pen at the end of the day.

From the outside looking in through our Lounge room window.

A few shots of our garden in the rain.

The gorgeous birds looking not so elegant in the rain.

A gorgeous Hydrangea we bought on our last "Nursery Tour".

And the rain continued.....

A quick trip to Geelong and the opportunity to take a few snaps before a rather nasty storm moved in.

The Bird of Paradise flower at the front of our house in the setting sun's light - it was just glowing.

Even though it's pouring rain - a bird's still gotta eat!

A late night emergency visit from the SES when Mum's roof started to leak. Thankfully it stopped raining long enough for them to tarp the roof.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The photographer in me...

How much I am loving the photography challenge. I'm sure since I'm back at work tomorrow it will be even more of a challenge to find things to photograph, but then I guess that's part of the challenge - to find new ways of taking photos to make them look interesting. It could be the same old subjects, but it will be a learning experience finding a different way of looking at them. I am really looking forward to looking back on the year with all these wonderful memories and pictures to document it's passing.

These are the photos from the past couple of days.

Another Scrap Jacked Challenge

This time I've used Bec's lovely layout as my inspiration. I loved this photo from the moment I took it. The scene was so inviting and despite the fairly ordinary and so NOT picnic weather at the time, I could still imagine myself sitting there enjoying the peace & serenity of the moment. So this was a perfect opportunity to use it.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Scrap Jacked January Challenge.

Thought I would join in the fun at Aussie Scrap Jacked, and so inspired by Mel's layout, here is my layout "The Eve".

Unfortunately the title doesn't stand out quite as much in the photo as it does in real life but I'm really pleased with the way it came up. I think it really makes the tree pop from the page as if it is actually lit up.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today's photos.

A visit from Mum with a call to go and see what has taken up residence in her little "glasshouse" armed with a camera led to a brief tour around the garden and into the fernery. Amazing what you can find to take photos of when you are actually looking.