Thursday, April 12, 2007

Support Crew

It makes no difference how much my life takes twists and turns. I will never cease to be amazed and buoyed by the incredible support, love and concern shown to me by the special people in my life. I don't think I could be more fortunate than I am to be surrounded by a most incredible network of friends who regardless of their own personal trials and concerns, find the time to also keep my head above the waterline and hold my hand through moments of great pain and worry. Who share their own dark places to not only help me understand them, but also to make me feel better about the obstacles I face in my own existence.

They not only help me through the difficult times, but also help to shape the person I've become up to now, and encourage me to face the future. I really do not know how I could have made it through especially the recent months without you. It has meant so much more than you could ever know. Despite the difficulties of my life, dealing with the unnecessary tensions caused by unthinking people, coping with tedious details (and people), and probably worst of all being confronted with my own fears and emotional concerns......... and yet there you have been right by my side, encouraging me to keep going, giving me strength and love and hope and a reason to go on.

Each of you has contributed something different, and yet all have done so with a similar motivation of caring. You are all so special - and I am truly a remarkably lucky woman to have you in my life. Thank you for the great gift of your love.........


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