Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Glorious Tathra

A week and a half in this place has once again been a most relaxing and enjoyable time.  Sadly the time to leave is drawing closer but we have certainly taken the time to make the most of being away and enjoy our holiday.  It was wonderful to have Lakeisha with us for the first week - the first family holiday in a very long time.  And we have taken the time to relax and unwind and enjoy this beautiful part of New South Wales again and the fun of BBQ's, camping and spending time with the dogs.

There have been so many highlights - the elegant Tall Ship Soren Larsen departing Merrimbula to continue it's journey from Sydney to Hobart - capturing the whale tails on film (even though they were too far away to be perfectly clear) - the colourful parrots at Eden - the magnificent Hawk circling over our camp - the stunning Tatha Beach sunrises and so many beautiful country and coastal scenes indelibly stored in my mind.

And of course as always the journey is made more fulfilling shared with Shane - the joy and fun, the sense of discovery, the shared experience which no matter where we go is with us in whatever we do together.

If you made it this far - thank you for looking!


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