Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The past couple of days have been painful. They've been painful for me, but they've been far more painful for someone I care for. And you must know that if someone I care for is in pain, then so am I. And of course I am worried. I don't even want to contemplate not having this person in my life. Maybe I am living in the same denial as you are my friend. But I am really not sure how life moves on from here without you, so I can't even think about that without being filled with such sadness that renders me completely incapable of existing. And this isn't about ownership or power or any kind of hold over another human being. This is just understanding and compassion and passion and love. It's about believing in someone and it's about support. It's about mutual respect and a common need. It's about an incredible gift that I feel I have been given and have been able to give in return. And you are so right - there are just a few people who make me laugh these days - I'm extremely lucky that you are one of them.

Thanks to Bob - I was recently re-acquainted with one of my all time favourite songs. And I have to say that this is probably going to rate up there with my most favourite versions - by Aaron Neville. Stand By Me. Tonight - yeah well what can I say - I did tell you today my friend that so often my favourite things - be it a movie, a song, or a moment in time - can depend so much on my mood. I think after the day we've shared today - this is probably the most appropriate song I can find to include in this blog. Turn your damn sound up for once - and listen to it. And take care of you - for you are most precious.


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