Friday, March 30, 2007


OK well I am sorry for ever complaining about the heat. I HATE being cold. And I'm often cold. I feel the cold so much. Today I'm feeling the cold. I so want to light the fire but since we have really no wood to speak of I'm reluctant. I know it's going to get colder. I think maybe I should invest in an electric blanket and long computer cables for the flatscreen, the keyboard & the mouse. Oh and probably the speakers too - so I can listen to the music while I type. That would do me. The computer, an electric blanket and a glass of wine. I could snuggle up and keep warm that way I think. [sigh]

Still trying to get through the pile of paper sitting here to make Lakeisha's invitations for the party. Not making much headway and knowing I have to get them finished this weekend is somewhat stressful. So many things to do.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What constitutes a great day?

I guess it's all in the perspective but I'd have to say today rates up there with some pretty impressive ones. How do you rate spending time with someone you care about? Especially when the conversation flows freely and you feel so comfortable with them....

Today did not turn out at all as I expected, thankfully it was better. Much better. And I have a couple of very dear friends to thank for it. Shane & Paul - I'm not sure it was the Best day of my life - but it was certainly one of surprises, laughter and fun. Thank you both.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The new job

After some serious consideration I've decided to accept a new (additional) job (after much harrassment... LOL), and I am really excited about it. My dear friend Shane has asked (begged/threatened) me to manage him in his business endeavours and I have to say I am very thrilled to have such an opportunity to contribute to such an incredible talent. His musical abilities, just to mention one aspect, are so varied and exceptional that I can only trust I can do justice to them.

But regardless I know that the coming months will be filled with memorable experiences. And if nothing else - what is life unless it is memorable?????

So here's to the future............ What can we make of it????????? Stay Tuned!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun weekend

Just arrived home from a weekend trip to Bendigo to attend a seminar/workshop for work and catch up with a few people who will hopefully be able to give us a hand to get some things done at the station. Very beneficial weekend I think in that we have made some progress on all points. It's been so frustrating these past weeks, but Bob & I made the most of the weekend to chat about some plans and projects so I feel a bit more positive about the next few weeks and some new programming to go to air - just so long as I can get the computer issues resolved a.s.a.p. That must be a priority for this week for sure.

We did have the opportunity to have some fun as well - took in the movie HOT FUZZ - after me being just a tad concerned about the title and not knowing anything about it - Bob you know that new saying - You're an Ass!!! LOL. Talk about push my buttons.... But anyway if you even remotely like the Johnny English movie you would have to love this one as well. I think we laughed most of the way through the movie and I'm sure it's one of those you have to watch a couple of times to get all the references to other movies. Aside from the fact that I love Rowan Atkinson, I think it's probably funnier than Johnny English. Some of the take offs are hilarious. Some of the murder scenes were a bit graphic, but overall it was just a lot of good belly laughs.

But most of all the weekend was a nice relaxing change of pace, and thanks Bob for the insight into life, the laughter, the long walks, and THE chat. I love the fact that you care enough to be so honest. I do consider you are truly a good friend and I'm grateful for your support.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Music is sometimes the salvation

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
50 thousand tears I've cried
Screaming deceving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me
Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reach the bottom
I'm dying again
I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under
Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
So I don't know what's real and what's not
Always confusing the thoughts in my head
So I can't trust myself anymore
I'm dying again
I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
So go on and scream
Scream at me I'm so far away
I won't be broken again
I've got to breathe I can't keep going under
I'm dying again
I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under
I'm going under
I'm going under

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A new creation

Another new creation today - this is a photo of my mum & dad that I've been looking at scrapping for weeks but just didn't see quite the right combination of papers for. But I was looking at these left over pieces from the My New Passionate Love layout and knew they belonged with this photo. I really like this one and I think it's nicer in the flesh than the scan shows. I need to buy a new album tomorrow. For the first time there are layouts just lying around everywhere - I've run out of room!

Plus I need a new subject to scrap. I have so many photos from the past to do - heaps now of me as a kid, a couple of really lovely ones of dear departed Aunty Dulcie which I must admit I am looking forward to scrapping.... LOTS of really old black & whites from way back before I was born of my family - and yet I'm kind of wanting something of the NOW to scrap. I guess some people are just never happy LOL. I'm really looking forward to Lakeisha's birthday. Now there will be opportunities from that evening I have no doubt. Maybe it's that or maybe it's just me itching to move on from the past.... I don't know, but this weekend I've felt a shift in where I'm at and I need to start to move on more with my life.

Weekend over and back to work tomorrow. Can't wait. It's good to be me right at the moment and I have some pretty exciting things to look forward to this week so frankly I can't wait for Monday.......

Hope you have a good one too.

Dancing Days

Here's a scarey thought. Me doing Highland Dancing. Actually it brings back mixed memories. The journaling on the page says - "So many wonderful memories of P&A shows and dancing to the crowd and the thrill of winning. But there was the sadness of having to stop dancing because of my hip problems." And on the hidden journaling - "Highland Dancing is one of the few things I recall enjoying participating in throughout my childhood. I'm not sure that I was exceptional at it, but there were lots of medals won and I remember, aside from being very nervous at every competition, a real sense of achievement at the end of a good day. In many ways it probably gave me that sense of appreciation for being competitive and doing my best in everything I do. Something I will likely carry with me for the rest of my life."

The two medals hanging from the flower cluster are actually two real medals that I won. The rest of them are stored along with that large brooch hanging off my shoulder, the small one on the cap and the long pin that is on the kilt. Like souvenirs of another life really. I don't still have the kilt. I suspect given the price of the outfits even back then, we sold it when it was clear I would no longer have any use for it. Wonder what it costs to outfit a highland dancer these days.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Exhaustion & Euphoria

WOW what a day. We did a live broadcast from the Colac Kana Festival which was celebrating it's 50th Anniversary. Essentially there is a street parade, followed by a rather festive day of entertainment, markets, food, wine, more entertainment and....... well......... US!!!!! LOL I had the greatest day, and I think we all had a bit of fun. Can you believe it, I spent a very large part of the day ACTUALLY ON AIR.... and not one naughty word by accident. Not even one on purpose........ LOL. YUP - knew you'd be proud of me.

But seriously this was such a great day for the station. We broadcast the stage performances live to air and put together some interviews and filled in between acts. It was good fun. Huge thanks to Laurie for setting up the van, thanks to Bob for driving all the way up from Apollo Bay and livening up the conversation, you are always a hoot to work with. To Rosemary, Laurie and Chad for joining in the fun of presenting, and Tell for rounding up some interesting people to chat with. It was a terrific day and one we should all be proud of.

Home an hour and a half and I'm tired as hell but I'm still floating a little.

And my other excitement for the day was news of the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie - At Worlds End. Now I mean really - how much better can life get?????? A GREAT day at work and yet more hours to come of Johnny Depp with eyeliner........... Someone said today - it's a good morning - NAH it's a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a great rest of weekend, buddies.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Special Night

How special is it when two so VERY important people in your life actually get to "meet" one another - allbeit via the internet. Bryon - What can I say - you have been such an amazing friend over the years. It's hard to put into words how much it has meant to me to have you there as my friend all this time. Even though we've never met - I consider you one of my dearest and closest friends. You have been there for me in the best and worst times of my life. We've laughed and we've cried together. I am truly proud to call you my friend. You are respected and loved in the purest senses of those words.

And Julie. God woman you are just THE most amazing soul. I love you so dearly and to think we met on a plane - not once but TWICE - just to make sure we got the message that the two of us should be friends. You would think we would have taken the hint just a fraction more seriously - but hey - I still love ya babe and it's great to know you haven't forgotten me either.

To have the two of you chat tonight was pretty special. And just so NEITHER of you forget it --- I love you both so much. I just wanted to make sure BOTH of you know how special you are to me..............

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Interview

Well what an experience yesterday was. Poor Gabrielle - and her first show back on air as well...... I don't think she had any idea what she was about to experience. We did have lots of laughs though. The interview started with her forgetting to turn on my microphone until Lakeisha came in and said "Mum we can't hear you...." oops. So then of course there were Noel's one liners.... and the less said about them the better. I warned him - 5 one-liners and I pull the microphone cord out of the desk. We gave up counting. LOL

It's funny but I wasn't nervous about it until I got in there..... and then the microphone thing happened. And I must admit I did get a bit embarrassed when the two of them started going on about what a great job I was doing, it was a bit "Can you feel the love tonight..." But it's always nice to know that you are appreciated and the love in this place goes both ways - I LOVE the job and I LOVE the people I'm involved with and I really can't believe how lucky I was to fall into such a wonderful place in the world and in my life. I'm not quite sure where I would be without it and without those special people right now. And so in all, I think the interview went ok and we had fun and that's what community radio is all about, getting involved, having fun, getting the messages out there. At least I know SOMEONE was listening so that's a positive LOL.

And hopefully your connection speed is such that you haven't given up trying to download the music file that really deserves to be playing through your speakers right now. You know ordinarily I'd be one of those smart asses who say "don't give up your day job" to people when they sing in the studio (Bob) or try doing some other thing that really.... well that they clearly have no talent for... yeah harsh I know..... but in this particular case I think giving up your day job when you have this much talent for something else is sound advice... hmmmmm now I sound like Noel.... Sound advice. I am constantly WOW'd by this man's amazing musical abilities. Music has always been something that's close to my heart anyway, because of my upbringing and being surrounded by it so much as a child. I appreciate many different styles of music, but the one thing I appreciate about all of it is talent. The beauty of some music is that it touches you in a way nothing else can. I think this is such a beautiful piece it should be out there, and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.

Wednesday already! You've gotta luv the way those long weekends get the week moving along. So much to do this week. So little time left to do it. I need a list. It's going to be a long list.......


Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Big Secret

Well it's not such a big secret now. I was thinking of trying to arrange a Surprise Party for Lakeisha's 16th. But sheesh - teenagers..... I mean seriously as if I can manage to keep it a secret for a month and still make all the arrangements - and not to mention the fact of how to get her TO the party dressed as though she's going to one without knowing she's going to one. I'm good but I'm not THAT good. So I relented and told her my plans so far.

I decided that I might as well make it a combined 16th birthday and Otway FM get together. For two reasons. One is that Lakeisha is a part of Otway FM and there are people within the organisation she would like to have at her birthday and Second is that in the 3 months I've been involved with the station we haven't yet had a get together. So perfect timing I think.

So far I hope we'll be having THE WISE GENTS playing (Collins - Murray - SOMEONE - get back to me!!!!!!). I've booked John & Majella's shed for the night - close to home but out of the way enough there shouldn't be gate crashers. Now - the guestlist and food. Hmmmm the fun bits.

Looking forward to it though. It's been a while since we've had something to celebrate!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Forgot a layout.

oops.... forgot this one from the other day. Layout of Lakeisha at 4 days old, still in hospital etc etc. Awwwwww.....

OK here's the grand end of the scale..... School Photos which arrived home yesterday - almost 16 years later.....

I think I did pretty good!!!!! LOL Of course she gets the genes from her mother. Goes without saying.

OK enough bragging. I have more work to do.

Life and other dramas.

I often ask myself why life can be so cruel at times. Why is it that the good people suffer and there are scum bags out there (you know like the child molesters and murderers and rapists and drug dealers and the like) who truely don't deserve a good life but still they go on. I'm not a religious person at all, I make no excuses for that one. I'm just not. So you'll have to agree to disagree with me on this one if you are one of those who will be offended.... But where is the justice in that about life..... I don't understand it. Some people have to suffer such hardships financially, or face such terrible health obstacles. And they are good people. Productive people. People who have contributed something positive to life. People who deserve health and happiness. More to the point people who, at those times when life hands them a bad deal, need help.

It doesn't make sense that no-one cares enough to help. What is that? Are we all so focused on making a dollar ourselves that we can't stop and see there are people there who need - nay DESERVE - to be helped? Sometimes it just says a lot about the character of those who choose to ignore I guess. I was thinking about that case in the news where the woman was beaten to death while people actually looked on - but no one called the police until about half an hour later when it was too late and she was dead..... WHAT THE??????? I don't know if she was a good person or not, but what's with watching someone suffer and not caring enough to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING?????? It just doesn't make sense. It makes me really dislike the world we live in even more than I already do from time to time. Sometimes life can be nice but sometimes it sucks.

I wish I could help. If it weren't for the position I'm in right now financially hell maybe I could have helped. But I can't, and it makes me sick to my stomach that there are people who absolutely ARE in a position to help, even just the smallest bit - but all they can offer is "sorry". Actually I wonder if that even was said... probably not. I wonder if they realise the personal gratification you get from actually helping someone in need, taking off the pressure and giving them a break. Obviously not. Because anyone who has been a friend in need and understands just how much of a lifeline that help can be, wouldn't think twice about offering it again and again and again and........

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Will wonders EVER cease....

Another one. Clearly I need to get on with it and do some real work. But this has been nice for a change. This photo was scanned from a 35 mm slide which you would already know if you read one of the earlier blogs when I got these old photos back - thanks again Em! I can't believe this photo is over 51 years old. I just love it - and it so epitomises my memories of Aunty Dulcie who loved her dogs and her fishing.
Thanks for taking a peek and hope you all had a nice weekend.

Finally scrapped something!

This one is entitled "My New Passionate Love". Did I mention I love my new job? Just once or twice - OK...... I am so grateful to have this wonderful place to go each week and to be working with such a fantastic group of creative and talented people. I've made so many new friends both in and out of the station. It, and they, have given me so much encouragement and confidence that the future doesn't look quite so bleak these days.