Monday, April 09, 2007

The Big Week

OK well you may have noticed the change in the music.... I had to revise this track as it actually runs for almost 9 minutes, so I've sort of chopped it in half - mainly because Yahoo where my website is hosted won't allow me to upload files larger than 5mb and also because the damn thing would just take too long to load for me on dial up!!!!! But it's an awesome track - my god he's talented!!!!!

And since we are in the week leading up to the big birthday celebration I thought I would start getting in the mood as it were. Even figured out tonight what I am going to wear. Lets hope it's not cold on the night LOL. Ahh we will be dancing the night away anyway so I'm sure I'll keep warm.

I am really looking forward to Saturday night. Lots of fun people coming to Lakeisha's party so it should be a really good night. We have the Wise Gents playing - these guys are good. I guess I should get my act together this week and get some more bits and pieces organised.

Good to have you home boofhead!!!!!


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