Monday, April 02, 2007


OK well I got my lecture today from several sources. It's clear I'm going to have to make some changes to my daily routines. Or at least create some new ones. I'm sorry to the girls at who I've been neglecting lately. You'll be amused to know that my slap upon the wrist came from an unusual source. Well unusual to me at least. It's VERY weird for me to experience support for scrapbooking from the male gender. Something I'm still coming to terms with I think. But fancy a man encouraging you to spend more time talking with your scrapbooking girlfriends on the internet.... No No I wasn't dreaming!!!!! Or had too much alcohol for that matter! It really happened! LOL

So look out girls - those msn chats are going to be a regular thing.... if it kills me!

I've almost finished Steph's challenge on Create your own range of paper & embellishments. I did manage to create the 2 paper designs and I've done 2 embellies. Need another embellishment, but right at the moment I'm having a small problem of no inspiration, no doubt it will come to me eventually. Hopefully before I leave for work in the morning would be good!

I really want to do some scrapping but just have been so tired. Sitting here at the computer last night I flipped through my diary and realised that in the past 20 days I've been working 18 of them. Now I mean really - that's excessive. Especially for a job that doesn't pay money! Unfortunately that's one of my downfalls though. I get so engrossed in what I am doing if I am enjoying it, that I lose myself in it. I suppose it's not REALLY a bad thing. I mean doing a job that you love should be a good thing.... but I'm just not sure the no free time thing is good for you. It's just hard to stop when you are in it. I keep telling myself it's keeping me sane - but gee I'm not sure LOL.

The weekend was fun. Off to Terry & Barb's for dinner on Saturday night. Love those two! (BARB - BE NICE TO HIM!!!!) LOL. And then Sunday was spent in Apollo Bay at a Radio Training Session. Yeah work work work. I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to something resulting in my eyes, nose & lips doing the funky chicken, swelling and feeling weird, but things thankfully are back to normal now. Maybe I'm allergic to Apollo Bay.... Maybe I'm allergic to work! Heck maybe I'm allergic to BOB! LOL. Nah we know it's not Bob. What ever it was it wasn't pretty. Reminded me way too much of the time I went to the USA and discovered I was allergic to Garlic! Michelin Man eat your heart out. Now THAT wasn't pretty.

Bit the bullet (or cracked the shits depending on how you want to view it) today and phoned up and ordered a new computer for work. So over nothing getting done in the production department and the bottom line is - no production - no money so it was a necessity in my book. Hopefully get to pick the new baby up on Thursday so look out after easter. I'll be playing with my new toy.

Lakeisha's friend Kate is coming to visit tomorrow night, plus our neighbour Rob is wandering over for dinner. Thanks to Rob I have a nice little stack of wood out in the drive way. Not enough to last winter or anything but for sure at least it's something to start with.

Thankfully the fuel reduction burn in the National Park north of us took place today. Not that it was what you would call a hugely successful effort in getting rid of all the scrub since there was no breeze to get it going, but at least it has managed to reduce the risk significantly so those of us in the area I'm sure are all grateful something has been done. Now if they would just burn that huge block of bush to the South East of us I'd be much more at ease.

OK well I have msn messages to send and forums to read. Have a good week everyone.



Blogger Katgurl72-Kylie said...

hehehe you have missed us as much as we have missed's so nice to see your smiling face back in the forums with us!!

4:16 pm  

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