Sunday, April 15, 2007

Special Weekend

What a special weekend..... Where to start. Thank you to the wonderful Jane at Jaded Designs for the last minute whim we had to have our hair done. As always Jane did a great job and I even ended up with curls for the night. I could get to like it! It did make the evening a bit of a rush in the end, but heck we can handle stress...... And it was great to see you and Dave there even though I know you weren't really up to being out.

I was a bit disappointed that a few of the invitees pulled out at the last minute, or just didn't turn up. But never mind, those of us who did come had a fantastic time. The band was awesome - you guys have such talent and I hope you go on to bigger and better things. The new stuff sounds fantastic. Check out The Wise Gents on myspace. Thanks for being there and giving us such a great night of dancing and fun. Best night out I've had since the last time I listened to them at Barneys. Kilby - You're a nut! LOL Good entertainment value, but a nut! I was beginning to wonder if he had moved in there for a while, but we managed to get rid of him this afternoon.... awwww sorry Kilbz.

Julie - god woman it was such fun to have you there. I am always the better for your company. You make me laugh, make me cry, make me be brutally honest with where I am at, but most of all this whole thing we have going - walking side by side through life. If we were twin sisters we couldn't be more alike in the way our lives evolve. I think in future I should just call you to warn you what's coming in your life next week or you me - that way we might both be more prepared. I can't believe how two people can experience such strikingly similar experiences - continually & concurrently -it's uncanny and is simply confirmation that our original meeting was no fluke. There's a higher purpose to it I'm sure of that.

Thanks to Mum as well for all the hard work with the food. She did a fantastic job making lots of salads, cakes, decorating pavlovas... I do have heaps of nibble food left over. I think our staple diet over the next few weeks will include lots of chips, dips and biscuits LOL Huge thanks also to Barb who worked like a Trojan on the night helping to get everything set up and food on the tables. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks also to Majella for setting everything up in the shed and allowing us to have the party there in the first place. It's an awesome shed!

Lakeisha, I hope you had a great night. It was afterall your night and you looked fantastic.

The night went so well and I think we had the perfect crowd. All the kids were so great. We ate, danced and had a ball. It was great to have a few of the Otway FM people there. Gabrielle & son Bradley (who I had to bribe with a 6 pack of bourbon...) were stayers for the night, Bob & Denise, Allen, Tell, and Rosemary & Peter. Afterward we had two trips to ferry all the after party attendees back home. Now there was an experience. Kilby.... hmmmm the less said about the journey the better I think. Maybe we should have stuck to your original plan and strapped you to the roof! AND I DO HAVE MYSPACE - I just don't like it as much as here at blogger. Julie & I retired upstairs for a wine, chocolate and D&M conversation.... I was so pleased when Paul relented and dropped in to visit and he, Julie & I ended up watching movies, talking and getting absolutely no sleep whatsoever, well Julie slept and snored.... but we're not allowed to talk about that. She had had a tiring day hadn't you Jules what with lunch and all.... LOL. I discovered one thing - I need at least 2-3 hours sleep in a night. Today was not pretty. Tired but still basking in the warm & fuzzy. One by one this morning they departed. Life returns to normal.

And today was also a very special day when once again two special people in my life met. In an effort to get some things happening with Shane's music, I had arranged for he & Julie to meet up and have a chat about the whole live performance/music with lyrics thing. I feel like the two of them connected in a positive way so hopefully it's another step towards our goal and I was relieved when Julie was suggesting things I had already done/thought about. Hopefully we'll get this thing rolling and fulfill some dreams and maybe even one day make some money! Holy cow - Shane and no suit.... Now there's a thing.... LOL sorry darl. But then I guess the shock goes both ways - I'm not always in a short skirt and jacket either...... And on a positive note, I've usually had more than 1/2 hour of sleep to boot! Glad to see you didn't get TOO lost on your way out here. I give great instructions... I just wish people would follow them!

It's been a great weekend. I'll post a few photos as soon as I can.


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