Friday, April 13, 2007

Party Eve

WOW went to look at "the shed" tonight and Majella & John have it looking FANTASTIC!!! I am really looking forward to tomorrow night so much. There are a few notable exceptions - I am really disappointed that so many of our special friends won't be able to make it. Shane, John & Helen Oborne, Marg & Pete & Sharon & baby Patrick, Ken & Julie Garrett, Keith & Jill Cronchey, Leigh & Anne-Marie Hearn, Rosemary & Doug Muller, Chris & Therese Quinn, Jodie & Tim Fincham...... buggar you guys will all be SOOOOO missed.

Ahhh but the rest of us are going to make up for it. OMG I am soooo excited and there are a few surprises to come. It's going to be a pretty full day and I plan to make the most of every second. Will be sure to post photos just as soon as I have some.

I have been hounded of course and have an ultrasound booked for Monday....... cross your fingers, and anything else that may not be stuck down, for a good result. Damn it - I'm not ready to relinquish my lease on life yet...... I'm doing OK. Really I am. I have you and I have strength and let's not forget I have THOSE EYES........... LOL I'll be fine.


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