Friday, April 27, 2007

One day at a time......

Sometimes you just have to live one day at a time. At least that very thing became quite clear to me today. Make the very most of every day you have on this planet - but at the same time live each day one day at a time. Sometimes it's ALL you can do to just focus on one day. Today was one of those days.

Spending over an hour in an Emergency Room watching someone struggle with their own demons and fears would ordinarily be somewhat overwhelming. When that someone is a special soul, at least to you, I suppose it fine tunes the experience to some very raw emotions and leaves you just a little more than overwhelmed. I feel today as though I was allowed to enter a very special place, dark though it may have been. I think that there is nothing more private than a person's worst fears. But it's an absolute testament to the trust between two people that allows one to share their dark places with the other. All I can hope is that my presence brought about some small amount of reassurance or comfort. Although walking away with no diagnosis can't be a comfort at all and knowing you can't do anything to change that makes you feel quite helpless and a little useless.

You know you will be in my thoughts constantly and my hopes for a healthy outcome are only outweighed by my desire for you to be at peace while you wait.


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