Sunday, July 28, 2013

My House Rules

"My House Rules" was Vicki's challenge at Scrapbooking Top 50's July Cyber Crop and I honestly didn't think I would get it done since the close off for entries was tonight!  However while waiting for the electric blanket to turn my bed from Arctic Igloo into a warm snugly place last night, I pushed some paper around and came up with this layout.  The criteria for the challenge was
  • Modern with Straight Lines
  • Bright but not in your face
  • Make a feature stand out
  • Create Space
  • Make it your own and have fun
I took a photo that was taken at our Halloween party in 2011 - a photo of my dear friend Jenny and I hamming it up for the camera as a couple of zombies.  Plenty of straight lines and it's bright! (not in your face is so subjective!!!  LOL).  I made the spider web on the Scrap FX frame stand out with some stickles and the frame itself makes the photo stand out.  I've created some space on the right hand side and I sure as heck had fun!  Job done!  So here is "Drop Dead Gorgeous".

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