Monday, May 18, 2009

Done it again....

The gorgeous Mel assured me that it was because my life was in such a good place right now that I didn't find the need to blog so often. In some ways she is right, a lot of my life is in a very good place, but then a lot of it isn't. It's those things you often can't help or control like aging parents and health of yourself and those around you that often cause the stress you can't remove. It's just life. You find a way to deal with it and keep going. But as always, the fix-it part of me wants to make it all better and of course it's frustrating to know your hands are tied.

I am grateful for a good many things. Grateful for the wonderful man in my life who especially over recent weeks has been so helpful, attentive and particularly sympathetic to my frustrating aches and pains. There are times when I look at the incredible change he has brought to our lives and wonder what the hell I would do without him. And after I've wondered for a very brief moment in time - I pray to hell I'll never have to find out. I'm grateful too for the fact that Lakeisha has at last found the partner she deserves. It's a wonderful thing to see her so happy.

There are some challenging times ahead, and I know that with the support we both have, we'll manage to keep our heads above the water and move on. So many dynamics of our lives are changing, our family, our relationships, our living arrangements. So much change to face at once sometimes seems quite daunting. But regardless of what the future holds, and where we all end up, I know everything will fall into place and be OK.

In an effort to include myself in a little blog competition to win some lovely scrapbooking supplies, I'm posting this link for Birthday Blog Candy

And speaking of scrapbooking - I keep thinking to myself how wonderful it will be when I finally get myself in a space to be able to do more of it. I've come through a bit of space where I didn't have the motivation. Now I feel like I want to get back into it but need a bit of a push somehow. Hopefully it will come soon. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to creating and getting out a bit more. I'm looking forward to getting out there and living a bit more. Probably one of the things that needs to go is this unbelieveably addictive obsession for Farm Town! What can I say - it's the new YoVille. If it's not designing apartments, it's creating wonderful things on a farm. I'm a frustrated Graphic Artist I've decided. Here is my latest obsession....

So see Mel... I have blogged.... Hopefully it won't be another month!