Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another layout created today. It's nice to be scrapping again. I took this photo of Lakeisha along with a whole bunch of other ones while we were sitting in Nandos of all places - just up the road from where Shane was attending the wedding reception. Hey some people sing, some people read - I take photos when I'm bored.....

Time for other things....

Surviving in the jungle.

Sometimes life really can be a jungle. All creatures great and small competing for their niche in the woods. Mother nature has a nice way of evening things out in the end though and usually what goes around comes around. The creatures that take more than their fair share usually end up getting their just desserts. At least that's what the optimistic part of me keeps telling me.

A disappointing episode yesterday which counted for nothing more than cutting me out completely from what should have been a pleasant event focused on a third party simply became the straw that broke the camels back. As long as I live, I will never understand (and frankly I hope never TO understand...) what makes some people act in such a petty way towards another person. Over the years I have worked with many people I did not particularly like - but they were there to do a job and so was I and I always endeavoured to put my personal opinion aside and get that job done. I would hope there were not too many occasions that I allowed myself to be anything but professional at those times which called for professionalism. It's a little more than I can say for some others.

In the end I had my day, getting to share a meal with said 3rd party, in a much smaller, more friendly and intimate gathering. A small group from work had a meal, a few drinks and lots of laughs. It was a nice evening and a bit of a change of pace for me.

It's been a tough week & a half with Shane so far away in India. And while we've had many phone and internet conversations in that time, there has been such a sense of a huge part of my life missing. It has also evidently been a journey of self discovery for him, and in so many ways I am now grateful for the decision not to go with him. I don't know about the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" saying, but you truly do get some perspective on the important things in your life when you don't have them around. This is very important. I have always known that, but for one who has been absent of feeling much of anything for many years - it's nice to feel those heart strings tugging and the mere thought of seeing him again Monday night literally brings tears to my eyes now.

I have a new layout which I managed to finish this morning, the first of the photos I've been game to attempt to scrap from his trip. There are some lovely photos and no doubt some wonderful memories he will have to share next week.... I just hope I've done this one justice in my art.

I want to acknowledge the lovely Gabrielle Pollacco who work continues to inspire me with my own scrapbooking. I feel almost guilty copying the torn edges with the contrasting paper behind them, because she does such exquisite work with hers and I am sure I have a lot more practise to do before mine will look anywhere near as beautiful.... Thank you Gabi for continuing to share your talent and your tips with us all. You can see Gabi's incredible work by viewing her blog - proudly listed in my favourite blog sites.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bed calls

But just before I go - I'm pretty excited that I actually finished a scrapping layout as well this weekend AND cleaned up my desk. And so from the recent collection of photos comes "Always Watching"....

And then comes bed....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missing pieces

You know what they say - you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I'm not sure I would ever underestimate (or take for granted) what I have, but the part that's gone right now is being missed a lot. Sunday morning - no sleep in, no snuggling, no I Love You, oh my god and NO PANCAKES.... LOL I have to tell you - that man makes the BEST pancakes. Yesterday I was missing our Saturday morning stroll, this morning it's the pancakes. I realise now this means not only will I have to miss out on this next weekend as well - but I will have to cook dinner on Thursday night as well..... Life as we know it has ceased to exist for 12 days!

But seriously.... it makes me appreciate all the more the little things that occur day to day and I am counting down the days until he is home with us again.

On the up side I have finally finished my monthly quota for cards due to be mailed - this one will I think be for Shane's mum Nance for her Birthday next week. I hope she'll like it - I think it's one of my all time favourites.

A phone call from Paul brightened up the morning some. Hopefully we'll get up to see him next weekend. I'm so relieved he's doing OK. It's great to see him but nothing will compare to having him back home and sharing a meal with us again. That I am looking forward to.

Hanging out to hear from Shane and all the news of the wedding. A late night text message just perked up the curiosity a little about how things went. But I guess with the first leg of the official stuff out of the way, the adventure begins for him as he "goes tourist". So wishing I was there to share it with him... another time no doubt.

Off to love the house for a while.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

and another one....

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings have taken on a few new traditions, like sitting having coffee and talking, shopping, ambling around town hand in hand taking in the sights and making plans for the future. So today was a little reminder of the one who is missing this week. Still Lakeisha and I did some of those new traditions spending some time in town together. And the other difference for a Saturday morning was that I scrapped and created a new card for another upcoming birthday this month.

Some house loving to do this afternoon.... so I better get into it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The important stuff

How quickly we adapt to life's changes and come to accept certain things as normal and comfortable. It's not until more changes interrupt your routine that you realise how much the things you've grown accustomed to, really mean to you. Tonight as I sit here thinking about the coming weeks, I'm feeling so much like a huge piece of me is missing. Shane has headed off on his adventure to India for son Ben & fiance` Shez's wedding. As much as a big part of me wanted to go as well, in some strange way I know I'm doing what I am meant to be by staying home.

But more than ever I realise how important Shane is in my life and the incredible things he has brought to our day to day world. It's only 11 days until his return, but I'm going to miss even the smallest things while he is away. Even this morning, I was grateful he had brought a new toothbrush so that the old one could sit where it belongs - right along side of mine. Yeah I know - I have it bad. But the one thing I do realise is that I am such a lucky person to be sharing my life with this wonderful human being who enriches my life so much.

I'm looking forward to the stories and the photographs. And despite the fact that I know he will miss us too, I also know this will be a great adventure for him and I am truly hoping he enjoys every moment while praying he stays safe at the same time.

I can't possibly blog without mentioning the dreadful week of fires. Last Saturday we had everything packed ready to go in the terrible weather that swept across Victoria. Thankfully so far we have been spared, but the news that has followed of the bushfires in other parts of the state have been incomprehensible. I can't begin to appreciate the pain and suffering some people have experienced, losing loved ones and possessions. The mere thought of losing those I love really does make me want to bury my head in that bucket of sand. I can't begin to even think about what life would be like.

To end on a happier note though - how lucky am I to have such a wonderful man. Today the girls on the front desk had me paged - and when I arrived in reception there was the most glorious box of my favourite blooms........

Slowly the urge to scrap is coming back. I finished a card for Thomas (Shane's brother's Grandson) upcoming birthday at the end of the month - and the first challenge I've completed at Scrap Pile in many weeks.

And there was the Valentine's Day card I made for Shane before he left for India.

I have so many new photos that I really want to start scrapbooking again. With any luck this weekend might bring some inspiration. There are invitations to make and more Birthdays coming up too. So many projects - so little time!

Monday, February 02, 2009

...and all that jazz!

I knew the key to "popularity" amongst bloggers to a certain degree depended upon how depressing and bad the news was you had to portray. Never was it so evident when my dear friend Ange conveyed the observation that my happiness and positive frame of mind was, and I quote, "sickening" on Facebook..... It was then my suspicions were confirmed. People don't want to know when you are happy - they only want to know when your life turns to crap and you feel lower than a snakes belly. Only then can they read with vigor because it makes their own life seem either good or normal.....

Take heart good readers. Sometimes life in Maree-World can turn to crap still. But just so long as you keep in the back of your mind that above all else right now, I'm happy. You will still be able to take a little comfort out of past weeks.

Stage one of Disasterville has been overcome. Although it still never ceases to amaze me how some people can bury their heads in the sand and fail - nay REFUSE - to see or hear the reality of what goes on around them. I can't comprehend the denial. But then I guess I've always chosen to live in the real world over any fantasy land I might dream about at night. I can fully sympathise with the loss and the feelings of grief, for I myself would be devastated to lose this incredible person I have in my life. But pretending life is a bunch of fluffies was what got this person where they are today so you would think somewhere along the line a lightening bolt of reality would make contact with earth at some point. It seems however those storms are a long way off in the distance.

We've endured phone calls and emails and Facebook blurts. Both Shane and I have wavered between sympathy and anger but both of us are really tired of it and will be grateful for the Indian leg of the wedding and the settlement to be over so we can start to get on with life. The saddest part is when someone starts losing friends as well as credibility. Sometimes your friends can be wrong in the advice they give you, but sometimes they can be right. Sorting out the fact from the fiction isn't THAT difficult provided you look the reality of the situation square in the face. I guess thats where some people just can't cope, and living in the dream is easier than looking in the mirror.

That aside it's been an interesting few weeks. Some highlights of course include Andrew's Birthday and I can honestly say I haven't had that many belly laughs in such a long time. No photos to share, but Shane and I have some very funny memories.

Of course there was the Wedding and our Gift. A gorgeous Freshwater Pearl necklace and matching earrings. It was the scrapbooker in me that came up with the idea for the packaging though. So pleased with how it all looked and so here are the photos of the happy couple, the gift, the wrapping and the card....

Needless to say Lakeisha and I were not invited, nor welcome, to come to either the ceremony or the reception, so we occupied ourselves in a nearby restaurant. How wonderful it was for Shez to make the time to leave her reception to come and thank us for the gift. I really did like the vibes from this young woman very much and as she says, no doubt the coming months will give us the opportunity to get to know one another. It's interesting, but of that I actually have no doubt. And while we waited, Lakeisha and I took a few photos.....

Then on Sunday there was Shane's parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations across the other side of the state. I made a mini album thanks to some photos from Sister-In-Law Lyn & Shane's Aunty Irma which I was really pleased with. Here is the album......

It was great to meet more of the family and I was so proud to have Lakeisha there with us too, and interesting to see how warmly we have been accepted by most of them. But what a wonderful thing to celebrate - 60 years of marriage. It was a long drive home but I think we all enjoyed the weekend a great deal. And so to finish off, photos of the day.... a few scrapbooking opportunities amongst these perhaps.....