Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Boofhead

Well here is my creation for the challenge to create your own line of paper and embellishments. Mine went to Kylie and I can't wait to see what she creates with it. Actually I was really daunted over this task, but I was very pleased with what I came up with.

Today I went to have my ultrasound, and came away with the result that the lump is a cyst and they don't feel any need to take further action. This conclusion doesn't sit well with some.... so I guess we'll see what happens from here as to whether I get another opinion. I could live without the stress right at the moment. The prospect of going through another long drawn out carry on like last time does not impress me much but for sure knowing everything is ok is much better than worrying about it constantly.

Took Lakeisha to lunch today for her birthday. Shane joined us for a drink and to wish her a happy birthday. It's good to see the two of them get along well. Given we'll be spending some time together getting all the business ventures off the ground, at least I know she is going to be supportive about the time I'm spending away from her and of course she appreciates the music as well so she can see the big picture of what we are attempting to achieve. Anyway another birthday comes and goes and she just gets more gorgeous every single day. How lucky am I?

A bit of an update on the "Murray" factor.... and gee guess what. The company vehicle still hasn't been sold and of course neither has there been any money paid in to the account. Surprise Surprise...............

Hmmm well enough humour for the night. I'm tired from serious lack of sleep on the weekend. So I might take in an early night.

Cheers from me.


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