Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Brand New Day

I don't really think I give enough credit to the wonderful photography Shane creates, and although I admire each and every piece, I don't often attempt to scrap them.  I will more often I think as I love how this piece came up.  Participating in Scrapbooking Top 50's August Cyber Crop challenge The Bride which was an all white layout with added bling - I came up with this "A Brand New Day".  

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 05, 2013

You simply cannot imagine how excited I was to see that my layout "100" had won the  Black With 2 July Challenge.  After taking such a long break from scrapping, it really was a thrill to be selected.  I'm just so grateful to have had the inspiration and be able to create some pretty pages for Lakeisha to remember her 21st Birthday by.  I was thinking for some time that there would only be a photo album.

In other news - I was also excited today to book for our family trip - something all three of us are so looking forward to.  It may not be a big flashy overseas holiday - but I just know we will enjoy the time away and I'm looking forward to sharing with Lakeisha the joy Shane and I took from our last holiday.  I'm not usually one to wish the days away, but I'm more than ready for this trip as I'm certainly ready to get away for a while.