Sunday, March 18, 2007

A new creation

Another new creation today - this is a photo of my mum & dad that I've been looking at scrapping for weeks but just didn't see quite the right combination of papers for. But I was looking at these left over pieces from the My New Passionate Love layout and knew they belonged with this photo. I really like this one and I think it's nicer in the flesh than the scan shows. I need to buy a new album tomorrow. For the first time there are layouts just lying around everywhere - I've run out of room!

Plus I need a new subject to scrap. I have so many photos from the past to do - heaps now of me as a kid, a couple of really lovely ones of dear departed Aunty Dulcie which I must admit I am looking forward to scrapping.... LOTS of really old black & whites from way back before I was born of my family - and yet I'm kind of wanting something of the NOW to scrap. I guess some people are just never happy LOL. I'm really looking forward to Lakeisha's birthday. Now there will be opportunities from that evening I have no doubt. Maybe it's that or maybe it's just me itching to move on from the past.... I don't know, but this weekend I've felt a shift in where I'm at and I need to start to move on more with my life.

Weekend over and back to work tomorrow. Can't wait. It's good to be me right at the moment and I have some pretty exciting things to look forward to this week so frankly I can't wait for Monday.......

Hope you have a good one too.


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