Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life and other dramas.

I often ask myself why life can be so cruel at times. Why is it that the good people suffer and there are scum bags out there (you know like the child molesters and murderers and rapists and drug dealers and the like) who truely don't deserve a good life but still they go on. I'm not a religious person at all, I make no excuses for that one. I'm just not. So you'll have to agree to disagree with me on this one if you are one of those who will be offended.... But where is the justice in that about life..... I don't understand it. Some people have to suffer such hardships financially, or face such terrible health obstacles. And they are good people. Productive people. People who have contributed something positive to life. People who deserve health and happiness. More to the point people who, at those times when life hands them a bad deal, need help.

It doesn't make sense that no-one cares enough to help. What is that? Are we all so focused on making a dollar ourselves that we can't stop and see there are people there who need - nay DESERVE - to be helped? Sometimes it just says a lot about the character of those who choose to ignore I guess. I was thinking about that case in the news where the woman was beaten to death while people actually looked on - but no one called the police until about half an hour later when it was too late and she was dead..... WHAT THE??????? I don't know if she was a good person or not, but what's with watching someone suffer and not caring enough to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING?????? It just doesn't make sense. It makes me really dislike the world we live in even more than I already do from time to time. Sometimes life can be nice but sometimes it sucks.

I wish I could help. If it weren't for the position I'm in right now financially hell maybe I could have helped. But I can't, and it makes me sick to my stomach that there are people who absolutely ARE in a position to help, even just the smallest bit - but all they can offer is "sorry". Actually I wonder if that even was said... probably not. I wonder if they realise the personal gratification you get from actually helping someone in need, taking off the pressure and giving them a break. Obviously not. Because anyone who has been a friend in need and understands just how much of a lifeline that help can be, wouldn't think twice about offering it again and again and again and........


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