Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun weekend

Just arrived home from a weekend trip to Bendigo to attend a seminar/workshop for work and catch up with a few people who will hopefully be able to give us a hand to get some things done at the station. Very beneficial weekend I think in that we have made some progress on all points. It's been so frustrating these past weeks, but Bob & I made the most of the weekend to chat about some plans and projects so I feel a bit more positive about the next few weeks and some new programming to go to air - just so long as I can get the computer issues resolved a.s.a.p. That must be a priority for this week for sure.

We did have the opportunity to have some fun as well - took in the movie HOT FUZZ - after me being just a tad concerned about the title and not knowing anything about it - Bob you know that new saying - You're an Ass!!! LOL. Talk about push my buttons.... But anyway if you even remotely like the Johnny English movie you would have to love this one as well. I think we laughed most of the way through the movie and I'm sure it's one of those you have to watch a couple of times to get all the references to other movies. Aside from the fact that I love Rowan Atkinson, I think it's probably funnier than Johnny English. Some of the take offs are hilarious. Some of the murder scenes were a bit graphic, but overall it was just a lot of good belly laughs.

But most of all the weekend was a nice relaxing change of pace, and thanks Bob for the insight into life, the laughter, the long walks, and THE chat. I love the fact that you care enough to be so honest. I do consider you are truly a good friend and I'm grateful for your support.


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