Saturday, March 17, 2007

Exhaustion & Euphoria

WOW what a day. We did a live broadcast from the Colac Kana Festival which was celebrating it's 50th Anniversary. Essentially there is a street parade, followed by a rather festive day of entertainment, markets, food, wine, more entertainment and....... well......... US!!!!! LOL I had the greatest day, and I think we all had a bit of fun. Can you believe it, I spent a very large part of the day ACTUALLY ON AIR.... and not one naughty word by accident. Not even one on purpose........ LOL. YUP - knew you'd be proud of me.

But seriously this was such a great day for the station. We broadcast the stage performances live to air and put together some interviews and filled in between acts. It was good fun. Huge thanks to Laurie for setting up the van, thanks to Bob for driving all the way up from Apollo Bay and livening up the conversation, you are always a hoot to work with. To Rosemary, Laurie and Chad for joining in the fun of presenting, and Tell for rounding up some interesting people to chat with. It was a terrific day and one we should all be proud of.

Home an hour and a half and I'm tired as hell but I'm still floating a little.

And my other excitement for the day was news of the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie - At Worlds End. Now I mean really - how much better can life get?????? A GREAT day at work and yet more hours to come of Johnny Depp with eyeliner........... Someone said today - it's a good morning - NAH it's a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a great rest of weekend, buddies.



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