Thursday, February 12, 2009

The important stuff

How quickly we adapt to life's changes and come to accept certain things as normal and comfortable. It's not until more changes interrupt your routine that you realise how much the things you've grown accustomed to, really mean to you. Tonight as I sit here thinking about the coming weeks, I'm feeling so much like a huge piece of me is missing. Shane has headed off on his adventure to India for son Ben & fiance` Shez's wedding. As much as a big part of me wanted to go as well, in some strange way I know I'm doing what I am meant to be by staying home.

But more than ever I realise how important Shane is in my life and the incredible things he has brought to our day to day world. It's only 11 days until his return, but I'm going to miss even the smallest things while he is away. Even this morning, I was grateful he had brought a new toothbrush so that the old one could sit where it belongs - right along side of mine. Yeah I know - I have it bad. But the one thing I do realise is that I am such a lucky person to be sharing my life with this wonderful human being who enriches my life so much.

I'm looking forward to the stories and the photographs. And despite the fact that I know he will miss us too, I also know this will be a great adventure for him and I am truly hoping he enjoys every moment while praying he stays safe at the same time.

I can't possibly blog without mentioning the dreadful week of fires. Last Saturday we had everything packed ready to go in the terrible weather that swept across Victoria. Thankfully so far we have been spared, but the news that has followed of the bushfires in other parts of the state have been incomprehensible. I can't begin to appreciate the pain and suffering some people have experienced, losing loved ones and possessions. The mere thought of losing those I love really does make me want to bury my head in that bucket of sand. I can't begin to even think about what life would be like.

To end on a happier note though - how lucky am I to have such a wonderful man. Today the girls on the front desk had me paged - and when I arrived in reception there was the most glorious box of my favourite blooms........

Slowly the urge to scrap is coming back. I finished a card for Thomas (Shane's brother's Grandson) upcoming birthday at the end of the month - and the first challenge I've completed at Scrap Pile in many weeks.

And there was the Valentine's Day card I made for Shane before he left for India.

I have so many new photos that I really want to start scrapbooking again. With any luck this weekend might bring some inspiration. There are invitations to make and more Birthdays coming up too. So many projects - so little time!


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