Saturday, June 09, 2007

Try not to choke on your Crunchy Nuts....

OK now for all the crap I've copped for not being a sports follower...... I actually think I might start barracking for the Western Bulldogs in AFL. HEY don't give me a hard time. I used to be a one eyed Hawthorn supporter when "Dermie" was playing. What can I say - I just lived up the road and he was pretty cute. But I've just been watching the first quarter of the Bulldogs vs Brisbane match. Of course BOOFCHEESE is a Brisbane supporter - but I'm an "underdog" kind of girl - and I thought last year the Bulldogs were pretty good - but just lacked a few mature players and even though I wish sometimes he would just shut the hell up - I do have a bit of a soft spot for Jason Akermanis...... So what the heck. I might get into the swing of AFL and be a Bulldog's supporter for a year....... oops - the game is back on. Gotta go!


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