Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend roundup

Ahhh yes - what a weekend.... and to complete it - Folks - I have been "Depp'ed". No nothing rude - I've been to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie At Worlds End tonight. FINALLY. And it gets the big thumbs up from me. I think it's a bit different from the other two. The boat scenes are very graphic this time, excellent I think. The storyline is better than movie 2 but I think movie 1 is still my favourite. I think Captn Jack is probably featured more and is a bit more funny/adorable in movie 1. He's probably more the bad boy in 1, and well hey what can I say, I'm a sucker for the bad boys. He's more serious in this movie but damnit - he's still sexy enough to put his cutlass under my bed ANYTIME HE LIKES..... LOL.

And now that I've checked with Justine, I'll post my other scrapbooking LO from this weekend. Entitled Growing In The Garden Of Life..... Hopefully if you click on it you can read the journaling easily. The photos up close of the details were taken with my mobile phone since I don't have a digital camera these days. They came up pretty well considering but not as clear as they could be - hey it's a phone ok - not a camera LOL.

Off to work again tomorrow. Looking forward to the Brekky Show this week. Shane tomorrow, Frank Tuesday, Julie Wednesday, Allen Friday.... should be LOTS of fun I think. But right now I need sleep. Less than 5.5 hours until the alarm goes off.


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