Friday, May 25, 2007

Mixed Emotions

What a mixed kind of day. One moment euphoria for one dear friend and the next is sincere concern for another. Schizophrenia is such a terrible condition and I simply can't comprehend what it would take to live with it. In my capacity of Station Manager at the radio station I have been faced with a number of difficult situations in dealing with those people who cross my path, but none has been so difficult as tonight, nor probably as sad or frightening all in one. I hate to watch people struggle with their own personal demons. Tonight as someone openly wept in front of me I was unable to console or reassure or resolve the issue at hand and that as always makes me feel so helpless and ineffective.

I only hope help is at arms reach, real professional help, but I find I am very afraid for the outcome and feeling so sad that such suffering goes unaided tonight. Have strength and believe in yourself. For once I am at a total loss for words..........


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