Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tagged.... {groan} again

Oh this one is going to be so much fun - NOT..... That will teach me for going to visit blogs. This from the lovely Tracey Jayne.... hmmmm 100 things about me. Yeah I know - TMI {too much information} but here goes. These aren't in any particular order, probably more chronological than anything.

1. I am an only child.

2. My mother is an only child.

3. My daughter is an only child. {hey what can I say - I like tradition...}

4. I was very ill when I was 10 and spent 5.5 months in hospital including my 11th Birthday.

5. I spent a very long time on crutches after my illness and often felt like an outsider at school because of it.

6. I always managed to be the teachers pet.

7. My Grade One teacher is now one of my dearest friends.

8. My Grade Prep teacher was also my daughters Vice Principal at her primary school.

9. I had to be carried on the shoulders of a teacher back from a school camp hike because I couldn't walk the full distance. I bought him an ice-cream when we got back. He still remembers that day.

10. I always got good grades at school and enjoyed it.

11. 3 of my High School teachers are still at the school teaching Lakeisha!

12. My first job was in a Real Estate Office and aside from being a stay at home mum, Real Estate Property Management has been the position I've mostly held throughout my working life.

13. My first car was a little white Mazda RX4. My first new car was a Mazda 323 Station Wagon.

14. I got my licence on the first attempt by driving the police officer home to check whether his dog had escaped their back yard, and then to pick up lunch for the rest of the guys at the police station!.... true story......

15. I'm not sure my mother was excited about the comment he made when he hopped in the back seat - "Just imagine I'm one of the boys and we're out doing laps on a Friday night".

16. I hate Pumpkin, Brussell Sprouts and Mushrooms.

17. I am alergic to garlic.

18. I love Lobster and Prawns.

19. The first time I tasted Calamari was in 1980 in the Revolving Restaurant at Wrest Point Casino in Hobart - as I was chewing on it the waiter came by and asked my partner "Enjoying your squid sir?" I almost threw up LOL.

20. I love Calamari - cooked properly - these days.

21. I love cooking and having friends over for a meal.

22. My favourite Restaurant at the moment is Culture - its my second Lounge Room.

23. I want to travel overseas more and experience different cultures {speaking of culture}.

24. I have already been to the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, and New Zealand.

25. I've been as far north as Brisbane, as far south as the bottom of Tassie, and as far west as Adelaide. I'd really like to see central Australia but these days Perth is now off my list of must see places. {Sorry Julie}.

26. I can't swim.

27. I can't play the piano either - but I've had lessons at both LOL.

28. I'm struggling here..... 72 to go.

29. I really miss my Grandmother. She was an amazing lady.

30. Sometimes I still feel she is with me in spirit. I get a calming feeling sometimes that reminds me of her when I am stressed. I think she is watching over me.

31. I worry far too much about stuff that I can't do anything about, although I am nowhere near as bad as I used to be.

32. My dream car is a BMW - I've been wanting one for a very long time. {sigh}

33. I don't have nightmares very often, but when I do it's usually about losing people I love.

34. I do remember dreams fairly regularly. I'd share but at the moment I think it comes under that TMI label again.

35. I try to be fair when I deal with people. I try to treat everyone equally, but of course sometimes it's difficult.

36. I care a great deal about the people who are part of my life. I love many of the people I am surrounded by because they are so inspiring and give me so much joy.

37. I am moved by beautiful music, and have been even brought to tears from a particular piece that has touched my heart.

38. I am in awe of talented people, whether it is artistic or even just the ability to build things.

39. I try to look for the good in every situation and focus on it.

40. I do believe there is one special person for everyone - even though I'm not married to mine so far.

41. I love scrapbooking and love that there is no real right or wrong way to do it.

42. I have had 2 layouts published in magazines. It was a thrill seeing them in print but I am not driven to scrapbook in any way with a view or a hope of getting published.

43. I dislike how some people can be so destructive that they make others feel bad about themselves to elevate their own self image.

44. I dislike selfish people.

45. I particularly dislike lies and liars.

46. I do believe in honesty and integrity. I think they are two of the most important traits a person can have.

47. I often don't have the confidence in my own ability to push myself to do things I really do know I could do.

48. I am a perfectionist at some things and simply don't require enough of myself on others.

49. I find it difficult and somewhat embarrassing to listen to someone giving me praise.

50. I love the words "I love you" when they are said with meaning and depth.

51. I am a very loyal friend.

52. I like to help people whenever I can.

53. I always feel depressed when a situation arises where I am unable to help a friend in need.

54. I deeply regret my last relationship. It was the single most destructive thing I have ever been involved in, in my entire life, not just for me but for my entire family.

55. That said - I would not be where I am today if it were not for the circumstances of that relationship, so while I wish we hadn't suffered the pain, ultimately I wouldn't trade what I have in my life now for anything.

56. I dislike weak people who constantly complain and play the victim.

57. My single most proud achievement in life is my daughter Lakeisha.

58. I couldn't imagine what I would do without her.

59. I love the smell of freshly mown grass.

60. I love strawberries coated with Cadbury Chocolate.... mmmmm yum.

61. .... and washed down with a nice Chardonnay.... LOL.

62. I am a Christmas Addict. I just LOVE Christmas.

63. I love Strawberry Milkshakes.

64. I LOVE my job - especially doing the Breakfast Show on the radio despite the 4:00 a.m. alarm clock part of it.

65. I love that my work has brought so many beautiful people into my life.

66. I love Connoisseur Strawberry Ice Cream. Since no-one else eats it, I just grab the tub and eat a little of it whenever there is some in the freezer.

67. I love to dress up and go out somewhere special.

68. I've discovered that I love walking nowhere in particular and just talking with someone special. It's up there with the all time memorable moments of my life.

69. Sunrises are pretty special too.

70. I've never had a one night stand (and I don't think I'm missing anything either).

71. I've lost 8 kilos in the past few months and I am feeling fantastic about it.

72. Lakeisha is now upset that I can wear her jeans and even more upset when I bought a new pair this weekend and they were the ones she wanted to buy. She's telling me she will be borrowing them from time to time.....

73. I can't believe I have been married 4 times. I only ever wanted to find someone to love who'd love me back and just be happy....

74. I will never marry again. I know I said that the last time, but I'm sure of it now.

75. I love my home. It brings me peace now that it's a peaceful place again, and I particularly love my little upstairs domain. I do want to do some changes to my bedroom though.

76. I've never used drugs, although I did have a drink spiked a few years ago at a pub and it was a horrible experience.

77. The past 10 years I have realized I used to drink too often - like every night. Interesting that I no longer do that now..... hmmmm why do you suppose that is?

78. I am amazing myself at how calm I can be in most situations these days. Stuff that used to cause me to overreact, I seem to be able to just go with the flow and chill out.

79. I have a second life on "Second Life" but I've not been "living" it much lately.

80. OK I'll admit it. I have a Johnny Depp in Pirate Garb fettish. I'm not a big Johnny Depp fan usually but the pirate gear, the eye liner and the slurred accent just all does it for me in a big way. Sad I know.... but true.

81. I've had numourous surgeries including a Hip Replacement, Hysterectomy and Caesarian.

82. I still remember the Christmas Holidays I used to spend in Lorne as a kid - Caravan Park, the Beach, Shopping....

83. If I like a song or a piece of music I can listen to it play in the background over and over and over and.... well you get the picture. I sometimes have the same CD play on repeat softly in the background in my bedroom all night as I sleep. I think it drives Lakeisha crazy sometimes.

84. I hate large spiders. It's so bad that I actually start shaking and have to absolutely force myself to whack it - sometimes I can't and I call my poor, long suffering, spider killing daughter to do it for me.

85. I love wood fires but I hate the mess that comes with them.

86. I'll work on the last 14........... hey I'm getting there........ slowly...........
















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