Sunday, May 27, 2007

The most amazing weekend

How can you write about a dream weekend and do everything justice without being some literary genius? I'm sure I don't have such skill but to not write about it would be almost as bad so I'll give it my best shot.

Saturday was Shane's first live performance of his new music and to say I'm in awe of the man, his talent and the night in question would simply be such an understatement. Aside from the courage it must take to do this when others are less than half your age and undertaking the same is one thing, but to have the talent to make a room stand still which is literally what happened within 30 seconds of the commencement of his performance is just something I am unable to find the words to describe. There were only 2 sets of eyes not on him within the building when he started his set. His, because he was so focused on his music and performance, and mine, because I sat in awe of the incredible sight of so many people entranced by the music I had immediately recognized as being incredible the moment I first heard it.

I remember feeling such a sense of pride overwhelming me and coupled with that such relief that he would now surely be reassured within himself that this whole music thing wasn't just the ravings of an admiring fan but an absolute vote of confidence that the talent is real, the music is great and people do love it. And when Ben approached me and said "Did you see what he just did?" and my response could only be "The man is amazing"... it pretty much said it all.

Aside from anything else, I am just so touched to have been a part of this beginning and proud to be acknowledged as the driving force behind it happening. The long walk was worth it my friend and you were stupendous in every aspect. My heart was touched in so many special ways this weekend and it is likely an experience I will NEVER forget as long as I live.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog maree .... Congrats shane!!!!
Cheers Tracey

8:52 pm  

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