Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life's like that...

Well life has been a little hectic of late. Not stressful hectic, but hectic none the less. Dividing your time between two homes and two very different lives makes a week seem a wee bit shorter than usual. The good news however is that despite anticipated outside aggravation, life is blissfully sensational which makes it so much easier to face almost anything.

It's been interesting to contemplate various things these past weeks. Friendships for one. I've often wondered what it is that draws people together into those deep bonding friendships that seem to transcend odd barriers - including age. Friendships that perhaps appear strange to people on the outside but infinitely clear and comfortable to those within. I have been fortunate to have some very special people in my life about whom I care intensely. People whose company generates harmony and enjoyment from merely being in their presence. And yet from the outside we sometimes must look like the odd couple to people who know us individually for we come from very different life paths. For some reason though, we were destined to meet and become friends and what we bring to one another's lives cannot be recreated by another human being.

Friendship has always been an important thing to me. Not that I've ever been the social butterfly who has squillions of friends, for my choice is to have much deeper relationships with people that will not allow for more than a few at a time. One of the things I like most about these special friendships is you can do everything or nothing together, and it all feels perfect at the time. And those people who have touched my heart will always remain there, often even after the friendship has moved on, I will always remember the reason they came into my life. It is true what they say - People do come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Those special ones really do come in all 3 packages, and I will always remember each and every one of them.

At the very core of friendship is a deep trust, love and understanding. I am instinctively protective of those I love. And so at times where things need fixing and I am unable to help fix - it creates a great deal of frustration. Thanks to one such deep friendship I am learning to accept some things cannot be repaired or helped. It's helping me to deal with some of the harsher realities of life, but ultimately it will never change my deep desire to see those I love, happy.

Even the concept of happiness means so many different things to different people. For me, I've decided happiness is a state of contentment and fulfillment, with a sense of excitement and a passion for life. The knowledge that I am supported, encouraged and above all else that it's OK to be ME. It's not about what I do with my life - its about doing what I want with my life. Following my heart. Being true to myself. And living each day acknowledging all the wonderful people and things I have to be thankful for.

We had some rather nasty weather last night. Lying in bed just before midnight we heard a large thud but it was too dark and miserable to go outside to check what it was. Thankfully nothing serious but we did lose a considerable piece of tree out the front. The wind at its worst is always forbidding as it roars up from the valley below us, and last night's storm was probably one of the most intimidating I can recall here. Although considering that, it was a little surprising there wasn't more damage to be seen this morning.

And so to finish off I'll leave you with one or three images from my current life.....


Blogger Melissa said...

My god woman , you don't know how many times I have dropped in, and there has been no change.I come in here today and nearly fell off my chair.....LMAO.Yeehaa, she lives.God I have been missing you heaps, but I am so very happy to hear you in a happy place in your life, that you have been waiting so patiently for over the past year or so.
Love the toothbrushes Hun.....woohoo.I would have thought you would have had them hugging though....LOL.
Dam, I was scrolling down and really hoping to see an after shot of the hairdo.Did he get much chopped off?

1:33 pm  

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