Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looking to the future...

First off I can't believe 2 weeks have gone by without a single blog. But then knowing how the 2 weeks have been intimately, I can easily see why. It wasn't only the lack of blogging I noticed. It was the inability to breathe, the fear of moving and an incredibly overwhelming sense of fate stepping in, taking the reigns and glancing back at me as if to say stand back and let the future be as it should be.

And so I did.

And so it is.

As I sit here and listen to a CD of those beautiful chillout tunes, I am also tearful and so overwhelmed by a mix of joy and sadness and relief and excitement. I know that in my lifetime there has been but one other day that has brought with it such emotional depth that I am truly lost for words and that day was 17 years ago.

To have the love of this beautiful man, all these months, has been one thing, but to have the committment for the rest of our lives is something I will cherish and treasure until the day I die.

I will never under-estimate or take for granted this incredible gift that has been bestowed upon me today. For you truly are the most precious gift. I have never doubted your love. And despite those difficult times we have experienced (perhaps in spite of them or even because of them) I know without any shadow of doubt what our future holds.

And so with that behind me, I have to say I am also most proud of Lakeisha who looked stunning for her Year 12 Ball held on Friday night. There will no doubt be more photos to come, but here is one I took while they were waiting for the Limo to arrive to pick them up..

While in an effort to suppress the stress - I'm afraid I've become just a little... well ok just a LOT.... addicted to Facebook and in particular the YoVille application. At least I'm not in the minority and there are at least some really nice, fun people we've met on there who have become friends, especially Jodie & Wayne who seem like a whole bunch of fun and who I would love to meet in real life. Part of the attraction for me has been the creation of the rooms in the apartment... and so here is SOAS and her creations of obsession....


Blogger Leah said...

A huge congratulations Maree!!! Wonderful news.

Lakeisha looks stunning. You should be very proud!!

1:49 pm  
Blogger Melissa said...

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4:08 pm  
Blogger Melissa said...

You know how I feel Sweetie,Big hugs and congrats to both of you for going through all the tough times together and coming out the other side.I am so proud of you Maree, for standing by what you believe in and staying strong.Here's toto many wonderful exciting years together.Yippeee

PS.Lakeisha....looking fine and hope you had a lovely grade 12 ball

4:10 pm  

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