Saturday, August 09, 2008

Voices from the past.

For so long now I have been thinking about a few of the people I have lost contact with who really meant a lot to me and so today I decided I would phone a couple of them. First was the lovely BK who used to live in Hamilton, a very ex-friend of Murray's. I was a bit worried when his home number came up as no longer connected, but that familiar voice popped up when I phoned his mobile. I was so happy to hear he and his lovely partner Jean had finally made the move to make their union official enough to live together. He's such a lovely, generous and caring man who deserves very much to be happy. It was great to talk with him and also know that the cheeky Macca is back in Victoria after a year working in Queensland. I said to say Hi. Those two and their antics make me smile remembering time spent with them in the past.

The others who I was so happy to chat with were Trish & Rupert. Trish is one of the most beautiful women it has been my pleasure to call my friend and Rupert, well, Rupert is a very intelligent, funny, dry, witty, and intriguing character who as I spoke with Trish about how they were, I realised how much Rupert actually reminded me of another intelligent, funny, dry, witty and intriguing character in my life. It would be interesting to put the two of them together and see what we came up with. Although they are somewhat older than I am, there is such a connection between especially Trish and I, it was as though we had never been out of contact. I guess that's the true test of friendship really. As lives get busy and keeping in contact loses it's grip - those who are truly friends understand and forgive you for it - well actually no - those who are truly friends don't believe there is anything to forgive - you are back and that's all that matters. We've resolved to make time for dinner in Melbourne one night at the very least to begin with and then hopefully catch up when their schedule lightens off somewhat. I'm pleased to hear that Rupert's business ventures are poised on the edge of taking off and the plan sounds like it will make an enormous impact, both on the development of Biofuel and also on their lives.

It seems as though I actually have a social calendar these days... Next weekend is the "Wise Gents" new CD launch, thanks Adam for the invite! The week after is Lakeisha's school ball. The following week is the local Battle of the Bands for which yours truly has been asked to be one of the judges. Should be interesting. Given "Wise Gents" Adam is also one of the judges, it will no doubt prove to be an entertaining night even if none of the bands show up! LOL. He's a special one that Adam..... I could embarrass him by saying I've known him since he was just a wee lad.... but I won't. I headed to myspace early this morning to listen to the headline band "Mammal". Hmmm, I'll reserve my judgement for the live performance on the night after the battle is over.

In the meantime - I'm still in that happy place called yesterday, and while I'm not really one for wishing time away, this week cannot go quickly enough for me..... Wash your face indeed... Wash your hands baby - wash your hands.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey Darlin, it must have been nice to catch up with some voices from the past.Even better, when they are friends that you can just pick up right from where you left off.That is what a good friendship is all about.Hope everything is going alright with you.Think of you lots.Luv me

10:57 pm  

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