Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random things make life what it is.

How is it that life gets so exciting to throw all sorts of things into the ring for you to deal with all at once?

Speaking with a dear friend who is in the process of going through the worry of having bone cancer scanning done this coming week did not exactly make the end of the week anything to celebrate. Having the burden of being the bearer of the news to the rest of the family wasn't exactly something to smile about either. But I know she's an extraordinary woman who has already survived so much of what life throws at you, and that she will face this present hurdle with the courage and grace (as well as the appropriate number of verbal expletives) I've come to admire her for over the some 30 years we've known one another.

I was really sad listening to a phone message left by my bosses wife yesterday, urging me not to be disheartened or upset about the job not working out. Complimenting me on my attitude, my abilities and wishing me well for the future. More than the words she said, I was struck by the sad tone with which the words were expressed. The thought that goes through my mind so often since Tuesday is - how pointless.... But then as I said in the last post, I am grateful for the good things that came from this short passage and it just adds another life experience to the growing list. And at the end of the day - it's his loss, not mine. How does it go? You never truly know what you've lost until it's gone???? Damn... how true is that?

And so in the meantime here are some random things that have made up my life over the past few weeks. I thought I would share....


Blogger Melissa said...

I am guessing that your young friend is your Birthday afternoon and evening companion.He looks like good fun.Life is certainly having some twists and turns for you the last few months.

5:15 pm  

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