Sunday, April 20, 2008


Survival is a wonderful thing! I survived and so did the multitude of partygoers last night. I refer of course to Lakeisha's 17th Birthday celebrations which went off pretty well considering. I was most grateful for good weather. We set up the caravan annex, a tent and a marquee. By the end of the night the back yard look like Tent City with all the campers. But generally they were all pretty well behaved. Except for one or two who couldn't help themselves but overindulge in alcohol, and a certain someone with a fettish for lighting fires...

I don't quite know where I would have been without my dear neighbour Rob who really did save me on so many fronts yesterday. It started with my concern about a rather large hole in the ground which was originally another of Murray's start it and don't finish it projects to make a large pond. I was consulting Rob as to how I could safely fence it off so no one broke their neck falling into it in the middle of the night and ended with him arriving in a large truck with an excavator, not only filling in the hole but also grading the driveway and filling in all the potholes that have been seeking attention since last Winter. He also brought a drum that we could light a fire in, and when the party got going he also made the run into town to pick up the almost $100 worth of Pizza we ordered to feed everyone, allowing me to stay home and keep an eye on things. That coupled with his "crowd control" was most appreciated.

I think they partied all night, at least when we departed the scene, everyone was pretty much still in full swing at 3:00 a.m. When I woke at 5:00 I could still hear people talking, and at 7:00 when I lifted my head off the pillow again - yep - still talking. There were some pretty tired looking faces out there, but everyone said they really enjoyed the night so that was great. Well all except the birthday girl who had been feeling ill in the morning when we were setting up and who during the night managed to raise a fairly significant temperature.

I didn't get possession of the camera last night, and judging by the photos I've seen so far, there wasn't much photo taking happening. I didn't end up getting a photo of the setup before the party either, too busy preparing. Would I take on a party like this again at home? Hmmm maybe not. It makes you realise the responsibility you have and really how easily it could be for things to go wrong and given I had lined up a couple of other mums to come and give me a hand and they pulled out at the last minute...... I was just fortunate that I had Rob there for support when it was needed. The biggest worry is being so far out of town, while it might deter any gatecrashers from coming, it's a long way to get help if there is a problem. They are generally really good kids, but the bottom line is you just never know when someone will make an error in judgement, especially under the influence of alcohol, and create a problem.

This afternoon I was feeling a bit spent, but did some scrapping therapy towards the Scrap Pile Cyber Crop challenges. This time Deb's challenge to create some flowers using scraps and bits & pieces. I had a lot of scraps of one particular paper and it just happened to match the card I made for the Old Dragon for mothers day - so here they are - just "blooming" gorgeous flowers that may never die but will no doubt collect dust!

Well that's Mother's Day taken care of!

Busy day tomorrow with 2 job interviews. One in Colac and the other in Geelong. But one thing I did get out of this weekend was that another interview I need to conduct is with my GP about my back - soon.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hi Maree, this Neighbour of yours seems like a nice thoughtful kind of guy, to come over and do all those things for you as well as be bouncer/supporter for the night.Glad you had someone there with you, since the Mums pulled out.

10:57 pm  

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