Monday, April 14, 2008

And the bit I missed....

I remembered a bit of news that I missed before, after going into town today to pick up mail etc, I got a pizza box... Knowing I didn't have any undelivered orders due, I was really excited to see it was from Scrapbook Creations magazine - my layouts plus the latest issue of the magazine - and of course two of my layouts are featured this month. A double of "Grateful 4 Friends"

and a single "Garden Of Life" which as it turns out was originally the layout I created to apply for the 2nd term of the Design Team at Scrap Pile.

It's so exciting seeing your work get published. Not that I'm striving to create layouts for that reason, but it's just a kick to see something you've created be selected out of all the hundreds of layouts they must be sent every month.


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