Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday.... again

Time really does seem to fly by faster the older you get. I can't believe where this week went. Next week shaping up to be so busy as well. Looks like a trip to Melbourne Monday, Tuesday is "Get Connected To Broadband" Day, Wednesday I have a rather interesting lunch meeting with one of my favourite girls Kerri... (I think we'll both be having an early day from that one...), Thursday the usual job hunting exercise, and Friday lunch with Julie & Ange. I'll try to find some time to squeeze a bit of work in there somewhere as well. One thing I will miss is the freedom...

I bought some new paper recently and have been sitting looking at it trying to figure which photo would go with it. In the end I could only come up with one, so here is the layout I created this morning, entitled "Cherish".

Lots to do this afternoon so hopefully I will get a little of it done at least. Tossing up with the idea of checking out Aussie Idol Dan England tonight. Julie get off the phone so I can call you woman.... LOL


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