Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why isn't it Friday?

But then again would it make any difference? Probably not. Boofcheese celebrated (?) her 17th birthday yesterday. It wasn't exactly a stupendous day. I suspect one of those birthdays relative to my last one. You'd like to forget it happened. No one promised each and every birthday would be memorable for all the right reasons I guess. Reality has a way of getting in the road of even the most sacred of life's moments. You learn that as you get older. For the young ones though sometimes it comes as a bit of a shock the first time around. We lived through it though. Tomorrow is always another day as they say. Hopefully the gathering of friends on Saturday will help.

Today for me has been a fairly unhappy day as well. How is it that some people just thrive on crap. I don't understand why some people do or say the things they do. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some people will go to further their own personal agendas. But then I don't get so much about some people these days that I sometimes think the less you have to do with the human race the better. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. And you have to ask yourself how it is that some other people get sucked in by the stories even though they should know better. I hope the new broom sweeps clean....

The job search continues. I spent much of yesterday talking with people who might hopefully be able to assist me in locating a new job. Trying to actually see someone other than the receptionist seems to be the most frustrating trial at this point. Although I have faith that eventually the right thing will come along.... tiresome though the wait may be...


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey Chook, hope you are having a better day today.All organised for Boofcheeses B'day party on the weekend?
I am sure that something will come along for you and be just what you need and deserve.Hugs

2:08 pm  

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