Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank God it's Saturday

A couple of people asked me about Dan England, and so here is his myspace site "danenglandlive" Definitely worth a look and a listen. I have a laugh about that now - up until last Tuesday I couldn't have recommended that - but now that we have broadband I can actually get myspace sites to not only load but I can hear them as well. Isn't technology just a miracle. Yeah I know - we here in Barongarook are a bit slow and behind the 8 ball.

Isn't it wonderful how life constantly gives you perspective. By comparison to Thursday, Friday turned out to be a very character building day. Getting text messages from a friend who had clearly been given misinformation by someone who is clearly just not a nice person has really upset me and has the potential to do a whole lot of damage to something I love. There is nothing I can do but shrug my shoulders and move on. In the end everyone shows their true colours - this will be no exception.

At least I managed to get a little sleep last night, thanks in part to a few panadol. Although I must say my back is feeling just the tiniest bit less painful this morning which has to be a positive sign. I could actually manage to roll over and sit up without the extreme grimace in pain this morning. Still a way to go yet until it's normal though I suspect. But awake at 5:00 a.m. and my guess is, the chances of going back to sleep at this point are slim. I hate that on weekends......

1 more day until Otway Idol Just wish the weather was shaping up to be better than it is.


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