Monday, April 14, 2008

A fine Sunday and a new week!

I swear that my entire life lately seems like a complete out of body experience. The highs and lows are like being out on the ocean going from the calmest of waters to violent storm. Except unlike the weather, you often don't get any warning of impending change at Mareeville.

Sunday was an interesting day to say the least. Aside from a bit of relaxing Scrapping therapy in the morning, not much else got done around here as I realised I had forgotten to get the blasted Otway FM banner from the office window to put on display at the Otway Idol contest. For a second I was contemplating the "Care Factor = Nil" concept but since we had plenty of time up our sleeve I decided to go and retrieve it.

Thank heaven the weather held out for us. It didn't actually start to rain until the contest was over and almost everything was packed up. And even then it was only a light shower, not enough to really wet stuff, but just enough to qualify above mist.

Judging the acts was actually a lot of fun, even though in the end there was a bit of disagreement over the runner up placegetter and no one was prepared to change their vote so we ended up with 2 Runner Ups. We watched each act play/sing about 5 songs for their set and then one of the judges had to get up after each act and say a few words without actually giving away our complete thoughts on how they went. The acts were interesting. There seemed, to all four judges, to be a clear winner in a young local band called Saint Da Ville, who had not been together long but who just managed to do a really great job on the day, hold everything together (including their pitch in vocals which sure helps....) and actually looked as though they were enjoying themselves. I was sitting next to Greg Arnold and we were chatting about how relaxed they looked. When they finished I had to get up and say something about them so I recalled my conversation with Greg about "our" first appearances on stage and how in contrast we had had that "Bunny In The Spotlight" persona and were pretty much in awe of how relaxed and confident these guys had appeared on stage. Given their average age was 14 I think they did extremely well.

In all it was a really good afternoon's entertainment. Although I have to say I am at a bit of a loss as to why you would go into a musical competition selecting songs that were clearly either out of your voice range, or beyond your musical ability, and still expect to be competitive. I would have thought the importance of song choice was a given.... but then sometimes I think I must just be a bit too practical for the real world. That said, I bow to these young people for having the guts to get up there and give it a go. They all have talent. Some just need a little more fine tuning than others. My best advice for the day was never give up on your dreams and always follow your heart.

Should I be mean now and mention that Greg has to take the prize for being the most "out there" for the weekend. Since he drove all the way down from Melbourne to judge the contest THE DAY BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!! Good one Greg! And his new CD is called "Lost Marie".... yeah right... That's pretty funny. So much for making jokes about Lost Maree and playing the tracks on the radio show last Thursday (Frank and Sue) while promoting the Idol competition in my absence - I think Greg wins that award hands down.

And so after a rather chilly day of sitting outside, the back was just a tad sore so I finished off the layout I had started in the morning - entitled "She" with a photo of Lakeisha taken in Forrest just before Christmas and the lyrics of the Elvis Costello song of the same name (She that is - not Lakeisha).

The big weekend fast approaches so there is a bit to get done around here this week. That coupled with some serious job hunting is likely to be the focus of the week.


Blogger Jewls said...

Sounds like you had a really interesting day Maree. I'm glad everything went well. Sunday was a VERY chilly day, especially when you're a stubborm Perthite wearing shorts, LOL.

10:45 pm  

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