Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Busy Boxing Day

Lakeisha and I hit the Boxing Day sales in Geelong today. Aside from buying some really nice stuff - it was a really good opportunity to spend some quality Mother/Daughter time that has been a bit lacking by regular standards over recent months. But we did buy some really nice stuff. I picked up a super bargain in some sheepskin seat covers for the car $90 a pair down to $30 a pair! Then it was on to buy Manchester - some new sheets to match my doona cover PLUS a bit of a stash of scrapbooking suppies from Spotlight. 20% off everything in the store! After that it was a new set of speakers for the computer since I'm always playing music on this thing and the sound is - well there's no other word for it - CRAP - so although I haven't hooked them up yet I'm looking forward to seeing how different the music sounds now. I also invested in some make-up and a new belt. Lakeisha also bought a few bits and pieces. It was just a fun day though. Thoroughly enjoyed it - long though - left home at 8:30 and didn't get home until 5:30. Now that's some serious shopping.

I've decided to take 2 weeks off instead of just one. Given half a week is gone already - there isn't much point in only having one week off. I haven't even started to unwind yet. I have quite a few plans of things I'd like to do over the next week and a half so fingers crossed I can get at least some of it done before I go back to work.

Looking forward to New Years Eve - and roll on 2008. There are HIGH hopes for that one!

So here is the latest layout I've done - I started it on Christmas day and finished it tonight when we got home. Entitled "Our New Ride" - it's our new car that the three of us are thrilled to have and all enjoy driving.

Oh and here are a couple of photos of Shane's clock.


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