Monday, December 17, 2007

Personal Growth

It's interesting, I think, that we tend to go through such changes in our lives but never really see it the way someone else sees it. Standing on the outside gives you far more perspective than when you are experiencing it yourself. Think of all your friends for a moment. Those you've known for a number of years. Think of the changes you've seen them go through. Their growth, their highs, their lows. Often we look at others and notice how much they've changed, or how much happier or unhappier they are now, their changes of lifestyle, their attitudes. And yet when you look at yourself as best you can from the inside, I'll almost guarantee you don't see as much in the way of significant change in yourself as you've identified with those around you.

And yet is it not reasonable to expect that you are changing and experiencing just as much as they are? Perhaps we don't notice significant change in those we live with because the changes are made subtle because of our daily contact with them. Our impression of them is made up of a congregate of day to day observations from which we draw a general picture. To simplify it, if they are mostly happy, that is how we regard them regardless of the odd grumpy moment. Mostly grumpy, then that too becomes our overall picture despite infrequent moments of happiness. We notice even less change within ourselves because we live with it 24/7. And who really observes themselves, their own behaviour. I think this is why some people are left totally blindsided by relationship breakdowns that seemingly come out of nowhere. A day to day deterioration seems insignificant until one day someone wakes up and remembers where it used to be, but just can't put their finger on what went wrong. Often we have a completely different concept of how we are viewed by comparison to the people with whom we come into contact. I often wonder what the contestants on reality tv shows think after viewing their day to day behaviour after the event.

It is however a special thing to watch the personal growth of any individual. As much as I've been through an enormous year of growth myself - one so significant not even I could ignore the changes it has made to my life, my thinking, my confidence and my general state of mind - I now find it an incredibly overwhelming watching three people whom I love dearly, facing possibly the most challenging and life changing periods of their lives so far. Knowing, as I do, all three so intimately makes the experience somewhat raw for me as well. If there is one lesson this year and it's experiences have taught me, it's that sometimes you simply can't fix some things and it's enough to just be there, and let it be known you are there and that they are loved. Sometimes that is just your role and it's enough. One of the other big lessons that came through loud and clear is "what is meant to be - will be".

If I thought 2007 was going to be a year of personal growth and challenges, I clearly did not read ahead in the book of life. I do know that when I turned the corner into 2007 it was on a path that had no return and much of what I experienced was sink or swim. I chose to swim. Looking toward yet another new year, I see that the lessons I have learned in this enormous year of personal growth, the challenges I have faced, the opportunities that have crossed my path, have all been for a purpose and I feel very calm that I can face 2008 with more purpose and confidence than perhaps any other year preceeding it.

Following and staying true to your own heart, being honest with yourself and those you love and having confidence in yourself - knowing that you are enough - is surely the simplicity of truly living. Follow your hearts my friends, know that you are enough, will always be, as I will always be there for you.

I love this piece of music - from the Chill music CD "Hogan The Hero". By the way, if you like the music that appears on the blog and would like a CD, let me know. I love the world hearing this talented man's creations and knowing it gives pleasure to others is truly a gift in itself.


Blogger Tracey said...

Now youv'e got me thinking about this ... 2007 was a wash out .. so many ups and downs. Im just not sure how it changed me .. maybe it made me stronger or taught me a pile of things ... Love this entry Maree

2:08 pm  

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