Saturday, December 22, 2007


Talk about all four seasons at once. If it were not for the Christmas tree lights still flashing at me from the bottom of the stairs, I would almost swear it was winter from the view outside the window. That and the incredible hail storm we had the other night, you could be forgiven for thinking you had somehow teleported to the other hemisphere for the summer. While I welcome being cooled down from hot and sticky weather, all this rain creates it's own problems. It also reminds me why I prefer Summer.....

Thankfully now have most of the Christmas supplies in hand. Although still don't have much of anything for parents who insist they don't want anything in the first place. Talk about make life difficult. Lakeisha at least is easy to buy for and hopefully will be happy with the things I found along the way. I'm thinking one particular gift, even though it's not a major one, will be a hit. I'll fill you in on Tuesday with photos. That actually is the one thing I want to remember on Tuesday - the camera. Some photos would be nice.

hmmm and for Shane - well I know if I share here that will be the end of any surprise - so you'll just have to wait until Monday morning. Half the fun will be the unwrapping, partner.


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