Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Tags

Here are the Christmas Tags I made for the swap on Scrap Pile.

The other girls have sent theirs in so everything is packaged up and waiting to be mailed. Just waiting for Kristie's tags to arrive hopefully Monday. Great job ladies, they look fantastic!

Last night was a shocker of a night. So hot and uncomfortable. I spent the night with the fan running but not getting much sleep or relief. As I sit at the computer tonight, it's so still outside it's almost eerie. I'm listening to 2 Kookaburra's out on the back yard. One obviously a youngster and still learning to "laugh". They sound so funny when they are practising. Every now and then the adult breaks in with a real call as if to show junior how it's done.

I did try to pluck up the enthusiasm to pull everything out of the cupboard under the stairs and put up the christmas decorations... ahhh yes they are still not up. Sad really. Just can't seem to engage the enthusiasm enough... maybe tomorrow. We'll see. Spent most of the day trying to get some little bits and pieces finished and out of the way. Too many unfinished projects which is really unlike me. So a number of things are packaged and ready to be sent. It will be a relief to not be thinking of all those unfinished things. I still have all the swap layouts to get through though. They are next on the list. One step at a time......


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