Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend Scrapping

Here is my latest LO created today. From a photo I snapped of Lakeisha & Shane last weekend when we were out and about as they were walking back to the car.

Entitled My Perfect Pair - and they are... It's wonderful to see them bonding and I know the enormous respect Lakeisha has for him. I also know he will be a wonderful influence in her life at a point where we both need that.

And here are some additional tree pictures I played with this afternoon.....

The little elf clinging to the globe is probably my favourite decoration on the tree, he's pretty cute. I take great care putting him on and taking him off each year. I think I bought him a couple of years ago at Target. I really love the white ball with the silver snowflake as well as the sled that is beside it. These are just a few of my favourites - I thought I would share.

Oh and I almost forgot - I received a gorgeous box of flowers from Noel & Judy in thanks for my work at the radio station. They are such lovely people. Poor Judy was not expecting me to be there when she arrived in the hope the flowers would be delivered and would be a surprise. Thank you so much - they are gorgeous.


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