Friday, December 14, 2007

Radio memories

I happened to come across these photos that I had forgotten were on my phone memory card. I took them during the 100th Cereal Offenders radio show back a few weeks ago. These are the beautiful people I work with, Shane, Frank & Julie. They make my week something to cherish and look forward to. They make me laugh, both with them and at myself. They keep me sane, grounded, and loved. They also drive me crazy. Everyone should be blessed to have people such as these three in their lives.

In case you were wondering... Shane & Frank are wearing their headphones over their eyes - I think the Star Trek look works for them actually! And Julie is partaking in our staple Wednesday morning Breakfast - Jo's Chocadamia Cookies!!!! Jo is Frank's wife and she makes THE most awesome cookies.....

I guess these photos are particularly dear to my heart at the moment because I am in the position of having to apply for jobs now. I am absolutely hating the thought of having to leave the station, but in some ways a little over minimal income and always being tired. Whatever the future holds my life will forever be enriched with some incredible memories and a real sense of achievement and growth thanks to this part of my life. As much as it sounds like I'm saying goodbye, I'm not. I think a part of me will always remain with the radio station. I'm fascinated, hooked and forever grateful. Work should always be this much fun.


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