Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Monday....

Strange really to be typing on a Monday about the weekend..... And I can't believe the 3 days have gone so quickly but such is life at the moment. Time seems to just breeze by me and I feel like I'm being left behind.

After the huge buildup of the week, I have to admit that the weekend was a little bit of a disappointment. I really did need the rest and so unfortunately I didn't get many of the things done that I know SHOULD have been done. But I guess they will still be there waiting tomorrow and the next day. And I am grateful that I got to spend at least some time with the people I love this weekend. No matter how short the time may be, I am grateful even though sometimes my inability to conceal disappointment may overshadow that somewhat. Quality over quantity - making the very best of the time you do spend with loved ones is what is important. And you ARE very very important.

My heart does go out though to my dear friends Leigh & Anne-Marie Hearn. Leigh's father has gone missing from his home in Melbourne. When I spoke with Leigh on Saturday they had received no news at all and I can only imagine the terrible sense of fear and confusion they must be experiencing right now not knowing where he is or indeed how he is. I hope that some news - any news - is to hand soon, but pray that it's good news. In a situation like this though, the waiting must be dreadful.

It seems I am in the mood to scrap since I've managed to create 2 layouts this weekend. This one is for the 2nd part of the Queens Birthday Challenge at Scrap Pile. Entitled Summer Memories - the photos were taken during our family Camping holidays to Lorne. The challenge was to use 5 photos, buttons, brads and chipboard. The photos and title are mounted on the chipboard. I did have a bit of trouble deciding on exactly how this should all sit on the page - but finally after a few suggestions from my "scrapping fan club" I came up with this.

But my big news for the weekend is that I was accepted to the new Design Team for The Scrap Pile. All my scrapping friends are on but I have to say that Scrap Pile still holds a very special place in my heart as it was one of the things that kept me going throughout the very stressful months at the end of last year. The site and the Design Team position was something that helped keep my mind from wandering to those dark places of my life and for that and more I will always be grateful. So I am very proud to be a DT member once again and I can't wait to see what Justine & Melissa have put together for their first kit. I just hope that I can live up to the expectations they have for the DT and what we can achieve. I guess time will tell.

I should get off here and get to bed. That 4:00 a.m. alarm will be going off in too few hours time and given I've caught up on a little sleep this weekend, I'd like to start the week off at least looking halfway fresh and normal.


Anonymous deborah said...

just popping in to say :hi: loooove the b/ground music.congrats on the dt...gorgeous page. love the old pics :)

1:02 am  
Anonymous brige said...

hi, it's brige here from over at scrap pile. i hope everything works out for your friend and her father. congrats on the dt position. i am looking foward to seeing your layouts.

8:23 pm  

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