Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hectic week over

WOW What a week. Not a lot of drama, just a lot of hours. Days kind of have a habit of running into one another in my life at the moment. And despite the fact that there are still a few unsettling and unresolved issues that I'm not quite sure how to tackle, the week was pleasingly encouraging. I guess the only real low points were an irate person with some moral issues that we are just likely never going to agree on, and another person who despite my best efforts, continues to overstep boundaries that are clearly defined.

This makes me a bit sad on all accounts. It's hard enough to exist in this world without having to justify what you do to all and sundry. The decisions I make - whether in my professional or my personal life - are just that. My decisions. I don't claim that every decision I make is right. Some of them may not be particularly wise either. But I make them because I see them as being the best choice I can make at that particular time for whatever reason and more often than not I've learned to go with my gut feeling because it has proven to serve me well in the past. Whether others approve or disapprove morally isn't really of the utmost in the decision making process. Simply put - the desire for the best outcome is. So be it.

Of course I woke early again this morning.... that damn body clock again waking me at 4:00 a.m. I gave up lying there after an hour and a half of thinking about things and people, got up, and after spending a bit of time catching up on email etc, I actually started my first Design Team layout for Scrap Pile. Aside from the title, which is still drying, I got the whole thing finished and am really pleased with it. Probably won't be able to scan it until tomorrow. Kindy Glitz is a fantastic product, but a pain in the proverbial to dry. So tomorrow for pictures, but I am just glad to have the layout out of the way so I won't be trying to rush it later when I'm really tired.

Needless to say I'm still up - didn't get back to bed. But hey - it's Saturday. Worst case scenario - a nanna nap this afternoon! LOL

Still no news that I know of about Leigh's dad. I keep thinking of them from time to time and every time I do, I feel that pang of my heart knowing they must be in such pain not knowing where he is. I hope there is some resolution soon.

There were good things to come out of this week though, including greater understanding of some of the people I care about most, and a committment from the Radio Station to at least pay me a minimal wage that would see me be able to continue working there beyond my June 22nd cut off point. The latter brings me a little optimism as I have to say the prospect of having to leave this job that I love so much wasn't making me feel all that warm and fuzzy for so many reasons. Suffice to say it hasn't actually happened yet, but if it does, then you will be reading the blog of the happiest woman on the planet - both professionally and personally.

It just goes to show that a little bit of sleep really does help you to swim in the reality pool of Life with the sharks afterall.


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