Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning Glory

I've been sitting at the computer this morning for an hour or so - yeah wow didn't wake up this morning until just before 6 which is a change. It was dark outside, and as always I stare into the dark yard below my upstairs office window and wonder what's out there. To my absolute delight as daylight filtered through the yard I spotted a kangaroo grazing on the grass between the house and the kennel building. As the minutes wore on I saw there wasn't one kangaroo - but 7 of them out there. The most I've seen there in a long while. 6 Adults and 1 small joey. The male is a big boy - he would easily be 3 feet tall just sitting down, relaxed, checking out the security of the place between feeds, so he'd be a size if you greeted him face to face no doubt.

It's what I love most about living here. That and the echidna's (when they aren't digging up the lawn or the garden) and the parrots. And the fact that it's so peaceful. And it is peaceful now. I just need to find my way back to enjoying it. These past few weeks have been so stressful, so painful. I've tried to bury my head wherever it will keep me occupied and not thinking about the awful situation we're in. And all that while, this beautiful home and peaceful surroundings have been here to be enjoyed and I just haven't been seeing it.

Maybe that's why the kangaroos came to visit this morning. Maybe I needed a reminder of the things that give me pleasure, joy and peace in my life. I'd take a photo of them, but the camera is in the car and there isn't any film in it anyway after the frenzy of photos I took at the Idol comp. Wishing like hell I still had the digital camera anyway. Ahhhh one day.

OK time for a cup of tea and to chill...............



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