Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Revenge......

Now I'm sure this won't be quite what you were expecting..... but it's a late birthday gift to our dear friend Bob in response to his "colourful Otway Idol" announcement. You can hear it here Lakeisha's Response!

Ahhhhhhhh we luv ya Bob!

I see the "ass" is ignoring my messages yet again. I just inquired regarding what was happening about the sale of the Landcruiser - no response and he went offline. Surprise Surprise. Hope lots of homeless and underpriveledged people are getting some enjoyment out of the masses of 2nd hand clothing I donated to the Salvo's............. God knows SOMEONE should be getting something out of all of this.......... I sure as hell am NOT.

I have some really "pretty" pictures to post as well............ oh good grief........... Thank you so much to Em who scanned these for me. Can you believe they are scanned from SLIDES... Now I am really depressed - talk about showing your age hahahahahaha

OK it's alright to stop laughing now.......................

And this is one of my favourites. I actually can't wait to scrap this one. It's a photo from my dear old Aunty Dulcie's collection of slides. Aunty Dulcie wasn't really my aunt but it's what I called her as a child. She was actually my Dad's cousin but I remember every Christmas holidays when I was a child we would spend a lot of time with Dulcie and her dogs when we did our annual caravaning holiday to Lorne. She was eccentric, but she was kind and loving and funny and she sure did love her dogs. I wish I knew the name of this one, but the slide just has written on it D & R preparing the bait. And the date is November 1955. How special is that?........



Blogger Terri Brown said...

Gorgeous Pics Maree. They would be fab to scrap!

5:51 pm  

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