Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just another weekend????

hmmmm ok well there is one thing I learned this weekend. Actually there were probably several things I learned. But one is, loud music is bad for your ears LOL. Went to a local nightclub last night with some friends, great band playing, local group called the Wise Gents - check them out on Myspace - do a fantastic Jet & ACDC! But it's loud - and it's 10 a.m. and my ears are still ringing. Reminds me of many Saturday nights..... ummmm..... well lets just say some years ago...... only I must admit I am grateful these days you don't come home smelling like you attended a fire from all the smoke. God I used to hate that - waking up smelling of cigarette smoke, the room would have been just a haze. Gross. (yeah I know - spoken like a true non smoker!)

Uploaded my February Design Team layout to Scrap Pile. This one was inspired by Carol Janson's Masters entry but I had already had the idea in mind after playing around unsuccessfully with a shaker box I was wanting to incorporate into another layout. The windows open up to reveal more photos and journaling beneath. Entitled "So Many Things"

Looking forward to the next few weeks of work. Hopefully a new computer will make life a bit easier on the job and allow us to move along with our plans a bit more productively. Fingers crossed anyway. I added some new photos to the website from the Australia Day celebrations. Will update a couple of new pages for the presenters now that I have some photos to include. I can't believe how lucky I was to have this opportunity come up when it did - not to mention how fortunate it was that I took up the opportunity. I know I can help it improve and be more successful, whether it becomes a "full time" job in a monitary sense remains to be seen, but if nothing else I know that I will have left it better than I found it whenever the time comes to part and that is a rewarding experience for me in itself. Not to mention the new friends I will have made along the way as well. Fate plays a hand in everything I think.
OK well I should go and do something more productive than this so I hope everyone had a great weekend. Shaz - we need to catch up sometime!!!!! We are free..... and we survived!


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