Saturday, February 24, 2007

Otway Idol.

WOW what an incredible day. Long - but incredible.

After a few small panic attacks that we might not get to broadcast live....... finally everything kicked in and went pretty smoothly. Thanks Laurie and Blake for manning the operations. I spent most of the day taking photos, meeting the contestants and other organizers of the event, and looking after the judges, including Neil Melville who I met for the first time although I have seen him around town since his move to the area. Many would know Neil from his appearances in LOTS of Australian produced tv shows including Stingers, Blue Heelers, Carson's Law, McLeod's Daughters, and A Country Practice just to name a few. Ex husband to Debra Byrne. I know even if you don't recognize the name you will recognize the face for sure.

Thanks to two wonderful ladies - Sue & Pauline - who not only did the impossible by pulling off this event in such a professional manner, but also in being the perfect hostesses of the day. And of course it goes without saying it was lovely to meet Carmen from MixxFM as well and thank you for being so gracious and encouraging with regard to Lakeisha.

Ahh yes and then there was Boofhead......... You rocked girl! I was soooooooooooo proud. Given it was the first time you had ever co-hosted such a big thing I think it goes without saying you did a FANTASTIC job. Even Carmen commented to me that she thought you had done such a great job. Your confidence and your poise just sends a chill down my spine. Aside from one thing missing - I think today was probably up there with the most enjoyable days on memory for me.

I think I took about 4 rolls of photos - so I will try to post some of them once I get them developed. Oh for the digital camera............ How good is this for a reference for the day ????? - I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Barry - you want some new talent????????? You need to check out the very first Otway Idol! Congratulations to the finalists - what an awesome bunch you were but well done to Claire Unis on your win and Josef Gardner on being Runner Up. But a big WOW to young Tess Guthrie...... 12 years old????? You've gotta be kidding me......... that voice is absolutely INCREDIBLE. More on these talented people soon......



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