Saturday, May 10, 2008

The grand finale

Ahh well it's all over and unfortunately "the other side" managed to rustle up more SMS messages than we did so there's no trip to Melbourne for me. At first I guess I was a tad disappointed but it didn't last very long because I realised I got so much out of the week in terms of my participation. I realised I have some incredibly supportive friends and a gorgeous daughter who loves me very much. I realised also yet again that what you can achieve in life is only limited by your imagination and determination. What's important is giving it a go and it comes back to that very relevant phrase that life is about the journey NOT the destination.

Peter phoned me to thank me for my efforts in the competition. He said that he and Kathy (manager) had spent over 2 hours counting the votes and they had received in excess of 500 which was a huge response to a competition like that for them. Evidently I'm getting a box of chocolates and some flowers compliments of Mixx FM so that was a nice thought. I'm looking forward to getting the CD though so I can hear all the bits I missed. I actually never heard any of the promos he made. We were talking the other day on the phone about the promos and I did say at the time that is probably one of the things I miss most about radio - mucking around creating stuff like that was a lot of fun.

So there was a bit to celebrate last night in actual fact with Shane's probationary period up at his new job. To his relief and absolutely no surprise to me - they of course love him long time! and his position is secure. For all the motivation and encouragement he throws my way, it's kind of funny in a way to see him have such a lack of confidence in himself. Funny but sad. He is so much more than he has been allowed to think he is. It may come as a shock to some and even to himself how far he will go - but I suspect this is just the scraping of the surface and we'll see some fairly incredible growth in the future.

Off to set the weekend in motion.....


Blogger Jewls said...

Maree you may not have won but you're always #1 with everyone who knows & loves you. Have a great Mother's Day with that beautiful girl of yours :)

4:50 pm  

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